Vintage Wedding Shabby Chic

Try a slice of countryside and imagine organize there your marriage? Pastel colors, wrought iron, romantic candles and wildflowers. It is a reception style shabby chic, for brides who love vintage.

A shabby chic wedding is definitely a retro taste and at the same time. Thinking of marrying in the truest sense of the word, these two trends may not be easy, yet beyond being stroll form is also very suitable for those who want to achieve a delicate, romantic and informal atmosphere.

The shabby chic style features usually the wedding decorations. As you can see in Photo Gallery, you could retrieve of old objects, typical of yesteryear, such as wrought iron cages for birds, the coal-powered irons or the classic horseshoes to create some delicious centerpiece. The lanterns are beautiful (always in iron according to the site) with a candle. Immaginatevele hanging from a tree: a blast!

Is very nice also the idea of creating a tableau marriage a bit different than usual, using just a blackboard. The names should be written in beautiful calligraphy with white chalk beings, just as they used to school once. In addition, at the tables there are placeholders, or smaller boards to repeat the name of the guests. The investments ideals could be do-it-yourselfer: write the names of your invitations by hand with a nice fountain pen and decorated card stock with touches of watercolor.

Do not forget also to create a spice corner, where gather all the scents of Rosemary, lavender, thyme nature limoncello. Your guests can also create small bouquet to take home, instead of the usual plastici. But there’s more, instead of the table of sweets, a shabby and a retro wedding should have the fruit corner: create beautiful Wicker baskets with lots of fruits in season.

The main feature of this style is the outdoor celebration, possibly in the country. It’s not just about play the receipt in the shade of some secular plant or a gazebo, but to say yes right in the middle of nature. In Italy, there are not many priests prepared to celebrate the rite in places desecrated. Your best bet would be to find a small country Church and ask to be able to say mass in the square. It is a compromise and you are unlikely to be denied.

As for the bride and groom: required a vintage dress, possibly 1950s. And the detail which can be chic? Of course the colored shoes.