Vintage Style Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The Kitchen vintage Recycling ‘is a kitchen on the charm Surrans which aims to give new life to old furniture for a result deco charming tradition and modernity…

We recognize a vintage kitchen recycling spirit by its components. Outside stainless steel, marble, home appliance pro, the hood design and orderly dining table. The kitchen vintage recycling craft prefer untreated wood, natural materials, a dining area with mismatched chairs, antique decorative items, art of the table vintage, retro flooring (cement tiles, floor tiles) and appliance design which contrast with the overall style for Recycling’, but chic.

How to design a vintage style kitchen recycling craft?

The kitchen vintage recycling craft advocates simplicity, gathering only the essential. The idea is to develop a kitchen made of odds and ends, but in an elegant and stylish spirit that leads to establish an elaborate vintage atmosphere. Thus, the kitchen furniture “classic” take other forms, are built using pallets, old antique furniture, a single board or a cabinet pro kitchen. Often, utensils and tableware are not hidden but are enthroned above the worktop or shelves attached to the wall to expose and contribute to the decor. The opportunity to unveil a retro dish full of style … Side colors, anything goes, with shades of natural tones with a mix of bright colors that will enhance the omnipresence of raw materials. To play the game thoroughly, we prefer to choose a retro design appliances (a robot Kitchen Aid, a SMEG fridge) rather than too sophisticated and modern appliances. On the Internetages, the kitchen vintage recycling craft made with the original soil: a bleached wooden floors, old wooden floor of tiles, cement tiles, concrete floor, an outdated tile… The floor decoration to participate in this Surrans charm that aims to make the kitchen vintage Recycling pleasant daily.

Vintage Style Kitchen Decorating Ideas

In the vintage kitchen, we agree some fantasies to make it more personal and unique by arranging a kitchen rugs on the floor, a few paintings on the walls that punctuate the space, or one light or (depending on the place you have) to transform the kitchen vintage Recycling ‘in place of cozy life and welcoming. To know that this type of cooking with mixed styles suitable for both open kitchen on the living room for a closed kitchen. Real living, the kitchen can sometimes be sufficient in itself …