Vintage Style Home Decoration

White walls and dark floors serve as the backdrop for old posters and furniture in 1950 in the home of a fashion journalist

Fashion posters vintage on the white walls and carefully selected furniture to the charm of the town house of Hywel Davies, author and fashion journalist. The spaces are both balanced and functional decoration while bringing style to this house with terrace. ” I chose white walls and dark floors to showcase the furniture and accessories that give the house its personality ,” he says. Hywel bought this house two years ago and immediately began its redevelopment tearing the wallpaper and flooring, installing a new kitchen and shooting down some walls. Finished work, he could bring his personal touch and create bright rooms that are ideal for its trendy style.

Who lives here: Hywel Davies and his companion
Location: Lower Clapton, Hackney, London, United Kingdom
Area: 160 square meters, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 bathroom

This is the house view from the garden. ” I have a good method for me to garden: I ask someone else to take care of ,” admits Hywel.

Hywel described the layout of her home as a basic and functional, a nice mix of new and old. He bought most of its furniture on occasions of London stores or markets of Berlin and Paris. The writer took care to emphasize the symmetry of each space. These two leather armchairs are from an airbase of the Royal Air Force.

A simple leather Chesterfield sofa, created by John Lewis, brings smooth lines and curves in this rather linear piece. The contrast it provides with the zigzag lamp is also very interesting. Industrial style stools, stacked, serve as booster seats when the couple receives. ” The living room is my favorite, I like myself come relax. It is located just up the stairs leading down to the basement, where I laid out my office , “he says.

Danish style table 1960 is associated with black Eames chairs. Hywel particularly appreciates the simple forms of Danish design and often travels at Danish Homestore in Nottingham.

A staircase leads to the main entrance to the kitchen on the ground floor. Just as the dining room, it overlooks the new terrace and garden.

A canopy has been added in this room during the renovation. The kitchen is constantly bathed in this light and space is largely open to the garden. A restored old chair was installed in end table and can also serve as a reading corner.

The stainless steel lining of the kitchen was probably the most impressive part and most expensive renovation. Hywel has also benefited from the work to install open shelving which its utensils and some accessories.

The couple built a terrace. With potted plants, it has become a particularly pleasant place to dine outdoors.

Back to the inside of the house. Upstairs, a globe-shaped sticker decorates the white wall that connects the three rooms.

An original industrial style cabinet is installed in the corridor that connects the rooms together.

In the guest room, as in the other rooms of the house, installed a genuine Hywel suspension Fog & Mørup.

The master bedroom adopts the same neutral colors and minimalist as the rest of the house.

Hywel collects design posters. The poster hung here was conducted to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Helvetica font.

An old wooden box made TV cabinet office and elegantly conceals cables.

The owner shot the partitions to connect two small rooms and create a large bathroom. A bathtub on gray feet is facing garden. In one corner wall shelves allow to store towels and other accessories.
Beccy Smart Photography

Hywel chose toilet old to add a vintage and traditional touch to home decor; with the tub, they give a lot of personality to the room. Hywel found this piece at

Here is another guest bedroom with a signed bed linen Orla Kiely and old leather bear.