Vintage Leather Bag Fashion

Rather than follow the fashion, why not invent?

The world of fashion is rarely devoid of creativity in terms of resources. Stars of the parades of haute couture to small alternative creators through many trends brands, known and less known, one can not say that we lack of choice, especially as regards the leather bag for woman.

Yet, at times, we want something else. Because ultimately, for most of us, once eliminated inaccessible deals, styles that we not catch the bad qualities, inadequate size or color of which was not envy, it may happen that the usual offer not enough for you.

Already, vintage fashion

It is therefore necessary, temporarily or permanently, follow another trail to find happiness. Remember the Vintage fashion began like this: a little at the same time as the emergence of flea markets, garage sale and other festivities arises this craze for old rococo kitsch or objects, including fine leather bags stylish, among which everyone will find his gem, totally shifted or just marked the charm (!), which will provide a dose of pleasure that no longer brings (rest assured, it will not last) modern consumer goods.

Be inspired!

The diversion, for the leather bags of woman, may therefore involve any style bag originally designed for a different purpose and inspires you: the plumber leather bag to leather backpack briefcase through the city like vintage bag or doctor bag way. C’est your liberty, be bold; who knows? Maybe you invent a new trend of major fashion coming years!

The creators do too

In fact, this method is not new and we already know have become adaptations of classic leather goods like postal bag pipes, the shepherd of wallets, the holster Men and famous shopping bags, among other examples. The 24 bags and 48 are also good illustrations of these bags, briefcase hybrids and small travel bag, redesigned and diverted, which have become very trendy in recent years as leather bag hand to wife . The diversion can also operate more radically: Leather bags recycled from jackets, or sofas (yes, really), is also a smart way to rethink the creation by changing the original destination ‘material.

Art has opened the way

In the field of art, diversion has already made school a long time and this mode of expression has often been used for purposes existential message: Remember the bidet of Marcel Duchamp and baroque assemblages Factor Horse ! At a time when we established concert halls in the old slaughterhouse, lofts in old workshops, houses in village schools and student housing in containers, it seems that the way is wide open to offset ideas.

Nothing revolutionary in all this, of course; just the idea and the desire to live the daily mode and play around with the dress code, just to put a little fantasy and pleasure in what could be very boring if everyone was satisfied conformism ambient.

Laughable, superficial? Certainly! And perfectly assumed for these beautiful accessories that are the leather bags woman. But the little pleasures of daily life pass by there, awaiting tomorrows …! As the saying goes, “If you do not like it, do not disgust the others!”.