Vintage Clothes In London Shops In Covent Garden

Second Hand With First Price

For those looking for vintage clothes in London, Covent Garden has variety of shops to suit all tastes. Even for those who are not in the mood to buy. 

The tour is worth just by what you can see in the Covent Garden Market, in the shop windows, pubs, cafes and restaurants. It is also the space of street artists who work for some exchanges.

3 Vintage Shops In London-The One Used With Style

Fabio Louis , our presenter, will take you to meet 3 very special vintage stores. As he says, places where you can buy clothes that are second-hand but quality. The first store is Wow Retro, which has vintage clothing for both the male and female audiences.

Second, But Chic Clothes

Then he visits two smaller stores. Not for that reason they are less charming and full of options for those who like to look for exclusive things. They areBlackout 2 and Pop Boutique. But it is worth to follow this script of Fábio also for the tips that it offers. These are important touches for those who are going to buy clothes that once belonged to the other person. Be careful with measures, washing clothes and especially, be careful not to make mistakes.You may simply have thrown your money away.

If you want to stretch your tour and get to know the region better, you do not have to leave the comfort of your chair. Just visit some other videos with Fabio. Two examples are with  the Foyles bookstore and another with  Cecil Court Road. Or you can also visit some pubs in Soho, right next to Covent Garden.

It’s worth the ride because, no matter how consumptive you are, you will not need to put your hand in the wallet. Or the bag. And if you do not live here, you can always jot down store names for your next trip to the English capital. Good shopping for our suggestions of vintage shops VintageinConfidential in London.