Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra Review

As a woman, run with a bra that keeps to the maximum my chest is simply a must. It is true, since “the running boom”, brands are well developed in the field and especially in Bra! And if today it seems simple to buy this accessory to our practice, we are not always conquered! I myself have tested many brands, which I liked less satisfied or. But recently I have acquired and tested a brand sports bra… Victoria’s Secret! Approved to 300%.

Why the bra is essential to the practice of running?
When we do sport, and particularly when we run, our chest is subjected to shocks, travel from bottom to top and from left to right, on a variable amplitude depending on your chest. (between 15 and 20 cm according to the sports studies)
Use a bra every day is enough to protect our breasts, or keep them enough for them to avoid all these shocks. The amplitude of the movement during practice can break the fibers of the breast and especially result in a premature sagging. In addition, with perspiration, the frames used in our Bras can quickly train a skin irritation or even, in the long term hurt us.
That’s why it is recommended, even when you have a ‘small’ chest, wearing a sports bra (or BRA) sports, which will allow a maximum hold.

Bra top or sports bra, what criteria take into account?
I have to admit that now, choose a bra (or a bra) sport is not an easy task. It is all of the models, colors, but price also.
In my opinion, 5 criteria are essential:
-the band under chest: the first criterion to be taken into account. This band must adapt to your chest, not be loose to allow good support but should not be tightened either, which can lead to genes, in particular breathing.
-the width of the straps: the wide straps will allow a better support, and will be more comfortable, avoiding you to hurt your shoulders.
-smooth, without zipper or stapled: the most personal criterion in my opinion. The BRA usually offer a closing (ventral or dorsal) with clips or zipper. For my part, I prefer without closure, whatever it is, avoiding any embarrassment or friction subsidiary.
-fabric: anti-perspirant preferably, gentle but also light that will allow your chest to breathe better and evacuate perspiration during exercise. Do not forget that perspiration helps friction and thus possibly to irritation of the skin.
-racerback: for a better support.

The Victoria’s Secret bra?
On my recent trip to the United States, I went out of curiosity if the Victoria’s Secret brand had also developed a sportswear line! Of course, what question?
Also the design of their BRA, who immediately got much rain, I was pleasantly surprised by the materials used. Even before of having tried, I felt a nice cloth to touch and a certain firmness.
Anyway, so here I am in the cabin to try the thing and confirm or not, my first felt. After a big problem, probably of the sizes, unlike in France and the United States I am finally with a bra that fits me, very firm, now my chest without compress (even when I do jumps in the cabin to test). And on top of all, Super pretty!

$ 27 for about € 25.

Test results?
Since my purchase, I ran a dozen times with. Felt no discomfort, no friction, no irritation of the skin between my breasts as I have had with others.
I was afraid of the thinner straps than what I usually wear, but in the end, nothing to complain about. It suits me perfectly!
I’m simply conquered and plan even to buy a second!

So let’s not stop to preconceived ideas (as I have before even entering this sometimes alluring underwear shop). While Victoria’s Secret makes more dream in the field of lingerie thanks to its ultra high-profile parades, but I recommend you really go out and test their sports bra collection.

It’s the surprise of the season! See you on their website or in-store!

And you have already tested their sports bra?