Victor Hugo 2012 Portfolios

Victor Hugo is a proven brand in Brazil and in the world, for all of its products are of high quality, elegance, in addition to having a lot of style. These adjectives are the reasons that lead many women to purchase accessories that mark so recognized. Not to mention that all your customers are extremely satisfied with the product.

The first store in our country was opened in 1975, and could not have picked a better place to start, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. However, only in 1980 that brought your glamour line to São Paulo, your first store opening in Sao Paulo on Rua Oscar Freire.

Wide variety

Currently the brand has a wide variety of products and accessories. Among SIZEABLEHANDBAGS, the so renowned, paraded and coveted handbag. It sure is the dream of a lot of women get a scholarship. In addition, the brand also has lines of Executive folders, travel bags, key chains, bottle racks, shoes, among other products that make the ‘ head of the woman ‘. To brighten the feminine universe, it is possible to find a branch of the shop in the large cities of Brazil, or if you still prefer, abroad.

Seeking the complete look

To get the look female even more complete, Victor Hugo wallets were created that have turned ‘ fever ‘ among many women. However, men can also be part of this group. Despite the wallets directed to men being simpler, also complete the visual male leaving the more attractive and stylish. It is worth remembering that, in addition to beautiful, are made of a material of excellent quality and of adequate size, something that completes divinely the elegance of any visual.

What to expect for 2012?

The high quality of its products will be part of the new line of Designer Victor Hugo. The new collection of handbags and wallets will be marked by natural elements, with a mix of textures and colors, with the presence of shades like yellow, blue, ice, Orange and pink. In addition, you will be given a huge emphasis in the mix of colors and textures. The 2012 collection combines bags of different colors and exotic materials, resulting in a combination of an eccentric and modern. The brand also bet on retro line, with a mixture of colors that will be featured this summer.

In General, the nerve will be part of the new 2012 collection. Now depends only on you, choose the one that matches your visual.

Below some models of Portfolios of Vitor Hugo –