Veto to Plastic Bottles

The Selfridges, one of the largest and most elegant department stores of London, has just announced that it will no longer sell plastic bottles of water or in their gondolas and not in its restaurants. Are disposable units to 400,000 will be sold each year. The company went on to suggest that their clients get bottles to fill a drinking fountain installed in the shop. This is an educational initiative in partnership with British Ngos, which aims to draw attention to the problems of waste generation and pollution of the oceans.

Apart from Selfridges, there are other isolated cases of companies, institutions and cities that have banned plastic bottles. In the United States, the town of Concord, Massachusetts, and 14 national parks have banned strictly your sale. In March this year, San Francisco, California, approved a resolution on the same line, being progressively deployed over the next four years into public areas and on sale in treilers regulated by the municipality. The new legislation opens, however, some gaps. If it is proven that no alternative sources of drinking water in the vicinity, it will be possible to market the packaging. You can also acquire gallons and other high-volume packaging. In Canada, the bottles have already been banned by an indigenous community and by the city of Toronto, which does not authorize the your sale in most parks and other public areas from 2012.

Of course, the PET packaging manufacturers and mineral water are speaking out against such initiatives. Last week I released study of University of Vermont favorable to them-coincidentally, this is one of two dozen American campus that restricted the sale of bottles.