Very Heavy Backpack Makes The Spine Bad

A survey conducted by the National School of Health, an institution linked to Fiocruz, revealed that one in three Brazilians has back pain. According to the study, 36% of people over 20 years of age are affected by spinal problems, the most common chronic pain among Brazilians. The World Health Organization (WHO) has even more worrying numbers: 80% of the world’s population will suffer from back problems at some point in their lives. Besides the posture, a big villain for the young people who are part of this statistic is the weight they carry in their backpacks.

When extrapolating the ideal weight-10% of the weight of the young according to the WHO-, the backpacks can cause from minor pains in the back up muscular tensions and deviations in the But it is not just the volume that should be a reason for students’ attention: the model also influences a lot. The ideal is to balance the weight on both shoulders. The bags with one-sided models force the spine to only one side of the body, which harms greatly. The ideal is to buy a backpack with a model that distributes the weight evenly, with padded straps and back padding, where there is contact with the spine.

To suffer less with back pain the ideal is to follow some tips:

Size: Neither much larger nor much smaller than the student’s back

Weight: do not exceed 10% of the young person’s weight. If he has 60 kilos, the backpack can have a maximum of 6 kilos

Model: The most recommended is the one with double straps, which support each other on both shoulders. This divides the weight equally.

Position: The backpack should be supported to the thoracic region, never hanging on the lower back.

Volume distribution: heavier books should be closer to the back.

Quantity of material: taking to school strictly what is needed is an attitude that will do well on the back. Leave the books you will not use at home.