Umbrella Brand Design 2016

Umbrella is an excellent and appropriate thing in bad weather. But the old times when this accessory is boring, insignificant and unknown place and served only one function – protection from rain. Modern branded umbrellas – this is not just a manifestation of style and elegance, but also an expression of the inexhaustible imagination of designers. 

A Variety of Women’s Branded Umbrellas

  • Women umbrellas by Jarre. These umbrellas, English quality has always been known for their reliability. They can be: monochrome and colorful, decorated with floral motifs and geometric shapes.
  • Lady umbrellas by Doppler. They combine German quality and modern design. Thanks to the bright and modern rastsvetkam with this accessory can not remain unnoticed.
  • Women umbrellas by Moschino. In the new collection, the brand used imitation under the skin of a snake and leopard. Although models with floral patterns and bright paintings did not lose their positions. Italian ladies umbrellas Moschino always stylish accessory of modern fashion.
  • Women umbrellas by Fulton. Compete with quality and style of the brand is very difficult and not worth it. After all, he was the official supplier of umbrellas royal court of Britain. Acquisition of female luxury umbrella of this brand can feel like a real queen.
  • Women umbrellas by Flioraj. If you want to surprise their unusual and original accessory, this company is a great helper. Exclusive models of the entire dome which is applied to the image are real works of art.
  • Women umbrellas by Elephant. They combine stylish design and advanced technology.
  • Women umbrellas by Ferre. Another work of Italian designers. But unlike the others in the collection of the brand, there are solid models restrained colors.
  • Women umbrellas by BESTITUDE. If your choice falls on the one umbrella of this company, then you are very romantic kind. They have everything from the abundance of quilling, flowers, butterflies and lace.

Riot of Colors and Drawings

Fashion brightness and iridescence. So going to buy an umbrella, be prepared for what you get with a complex choice which to choose. Some women solve the problem simply by buying a few rated models. In the end, the same umbrella is an accessory that bag, and, accordingly, they must be few.

Fashion bright drawings: peas, sharp, flowers and leopard color. Also during the lace ryushi, ribbons, embroidery.

Great popularity enjoy models tselynыmi drawings of the dome. You can choose Eiffel Tower, bright flowers and beautiful angels – it all depends on your mood.

No less popular conventional models in restrained colors. Excellent asset this season will be a female Italian umbrella in black and white colors.

What structure of the umbrella to choose?

Folding umbrella – it is compact accessory that can be easily hidden in her purse. It is mechanical harvesting, semi-automatic and woman umbrella maker. Its main drawback is the uncertainty. Because in those places where it folds more frequently occur breakage.

Umbrella-cane has all spoke more reliable design and do not have to fold. The only thing that because of its bulkiness is not always convenient to use.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Umbrella?

Dried umbrella should condition and in no way moist. If you decide to wash it, it must be done in state and softer means. Never carry an umbrella at the bottom of the bag where he can be heavy objects, as this can lead to deformation spokes. Keep umbrella is necessary in his pocket and sometimes air.