Types of Swimwear That You Should Not Use

Holiday and summer is time for beach and pool, so choose a nice bathing suit is essential so you don’t get ugly in the photo, it’s okay to be chubby and jockeys and not be very white and much less be too skinny. Just stay tuned for cool models and adapt to your body.

But of course we’re not going to let you look bad on the beach and will tell you the models of swimwear that you should not use.

Speedo white

No “I’m moreno and white trunks will enhance my Tan …”. No, man. White trunks is dangerous, most often lack the required reinforcement and the thong is transparent. And always looks a bit that you’re in your underwear. Avoid.

Thin trunks

Let’s leave this sets in 80 years, what do you think? The Speedo too fine refers to package the panties your mother buys when going to the supermarket – those big ones that have underwear Department.

Loose trunks

If your Speedo is old, frayed, has seen better days. Retire the poor thing, throw it in the trash without mercy. They don’t serve for anything. Don’t do like the glorious Bruno de Luca. The first “wave” that hit you is naked.


A good choice is the lace thong, which has bigger legs and follows the style of a boxers. Before leaving home, of course, look in the mirror and think about what you would think if you saw somebody else with the same physical that your walking down the beach with this piece. Younger men, swimwear choice wider on the side, which are great just to who is high. And thin. Short and chubby, unfortunately, do not go well with the play. That’s because he ends up giving a flattened body.

And always take a pair of shorts with you to leave the beach dress. No Speedo on the Boardwalk or in restaurants that are not on the beach or by the pool.