Types of Chains and Pendants

Accessories make all the difference in the visual, they mark our style and personality and are indispensable items in jewelry of any modern woman and of good taste.

Among these pieces are the necklaces. Small, large, more flashy or not, they are wildcards. In the paste, the chain can be short, medium, long, thick or delicate work, but what are you going to give up on it is the pendant.However, not every pendant combining with any type of chain.

The chains and pendants should always combine with each other, not to take the charm and harmony. That goes for colors and shapes, for example, a small pendant and discreet with a thick chain and work doesn’t suit.

Check some models of pendants and necklaces from jewelry designer Eliana Schüssel and see how they combine more chains.

And wheel necklace pendant
The designer created a necklace and a separate pendant with the same theme, the wheel. In the case of Wheel pendant, for being great, a thin chain wouldn’t look right, would entail bringing the gross composition. In the Paste P Wheel, Eliana chose a thin chain, the Venetian, just the pendant in this case being small, you asked for something more subtle, to give harmony to the piece.
In other words, just because they’re of different sizes, each piece calls for a different stream, thick or thin.

5 P Heart Necklace
A beautiful Venetian chain, like that of the 5 P Heart Necklace, even quietly provides elegance to women, with their strong square links. The small hearts pendants completed the jewel, a play clean and charming. With this piece we see a delicate pendant, asks a thin and light current.

Articulated Necklace
For the Articulated necklace the designer opted for Portuguese link chain. A chain with a little thickness thicker than that of Venice, but that still does not call more attention than the pendant. On the contrary, it matches perfectly, since the prop has a medium size, i.e. a chain thinner wouldn’t give the same charm and elegance. And still let the piece kind of fragile, even visually.

Infinity Pendant G
A large pendant, like the Infinity G, calls for a stronger current, as the silk thread, option used by designer. For be greater, the prop needs a chain that does not let the play choppy and visual loaded. A thin chain with this pendant is not cool, much less elegant. Large pendants ask for thicker and strong currents, but without leaving the charm of hand.

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