Two Buttons Make The Button-Down Shirt Special

What exactly is a “button-down shirt”, what does it express, what should one wear it? It is characterized by a certain type of shirt collar. Namely, by such a one, which is not reinforced, for example by so-called “collar bars”. In order not to risk uncontrolled protruding or in-itself collapse, both sides are fixed to the breast part with buttons.

This creates a different look than the men’s shirt has historically defined: the formal, stiff character, which is considered an indispensable part of most jackets and suits, is deliberately shelved, although there are small stylistic constraints and conditions. You should at least have heard of it once to avoid a faux pas.

Small Prehistory And Use Of The Button-Down Shirt

The origin of this shirt style is attributed to the polo game: during riding, the fluttering collars should have led to the attachment of the buttons-that’s it. But the origin from the life of the sport suggests that really should be dispensed with on high-official occasions.

As a “basic rule”, the combination with jackets and ties is still often abandoned, at least in Europe. This does not have to be, however, if one gets closer to it, becomes the fallacy. What, for example, Gianni Agnelli, the well-known Italian of industrialists, prevails here must not be confined to his person.

Only in Europe was the still-strict separation of button-down and tie, not so in the USA. Anyone who likes to follow the “American” style, which is also a part of our series, will not have to worry about combining with the necktie. The typical questions about quality refer to material and workmanship, so the general questions apply to shirts according to MustBuyShirts. Specifically, only the question of style, combination and application possibilities are concerned.

Tie And Button-Down Shirt In USA Top, Flop At Us-Why?

Presumably, it is less tradition, less of a taste, but simply and simply a habit, why one did not go here just as with other trends from the USA. In the virtual English-speaking world, it is also easy to find word messages from well-known persons, style guides and interviews on the subject. But who is making this unusual effort?

Tim De Kay aka “FBI Agent Peter Burke” deliberately sets down with Button Down in his crime series, embodies his own character and uses latent signs. It presents the wearer-very probably with ties-as ground-level, “shirt-sleeved” expression, which also formally meets all requirements. Ultimately, it is a small revolution that can not be underestimated.

With us in Germany, the button-down shirt is not put on the scene at all and is therefore less likely. Without adequate inspiration one does not come to the idea of ​​combining his button-down shirt with a tie. But who knows what will change after this post?

Today’s Version Of The Button-Down Shirt

The most typical style of the button-down shirt is the combination of tradition with modernity. The rather narrow but comfortable cut allows wearing within the trousers and hanging above it-a tendency to the latter is undoubtedly visible, especially in material and color-related modern designs. At the same time, the button-down variant seems more and more independent in comparison with “normal collars”.

The sight comes without the usual protruding of the collars and makes this exactly after a longer viewing almost again habituation.A certain elegance is thus achieved with all models. In the pattern, delicate stripes and checks appear to be dominant.

But the button-down shirt spread in every style. Even in the rocky style, the good piece of foot has captured and set new accents: sleeveless jeans shirts with button-down radiate even more individual character than without, especially tight shirts get through the established aesthetics and more and more often as a kind of “contrast” Sleeves used for this purpose.

Also interesting is the different size of the collars-from minivariants to fairly big designs, but they do not seem to be exaggerated with the button holder.

A Collar Completely On Its Own

A curious announcement? No, they are now available: the button-down krappers, which are available on their own. Just as with the good specialist dealers various collars in elegant classic design as a practical accessory can be found, which in combination with a suit give best impressions, is now also possible in the button-down variant. Here, of course, a proper buttoning is not possible, but surprisingly, the use of cut and fabric create the same look.

My Personal Conclusion To The Button-Down Shirt

The button-down shirt can and should be worn as well as to all other combinations. Only very formal occasions, as well as introductory talks, should be done with traditional shirt collars. You also never know how much his opposite is informed about the latest developments of the fashion world udn would like to force him that then but also not, right?