Twitter Releases Photos with Captions for the Visually Impaired

You can describe your images without using the 140 character limit

Twitter launched on Tuesday (29) a feature to allow users to put captions up to 420 characters in photos posted on the social network. The goal is to make the photos accessible to all users, including people with visual disabilities who use Twitter with the help of screen readers.

Twitter users have described their images to allow the blind or people with low vision to understand the photos, but informally, usually with some hashtag as #pracegover or #legenda. The native feature subtitles Twitter does not consume the 140 character limit for tweets.

To add captions, you must enable the feature in the official Twitter applications for Android and iOS. In both cases, between the settings, open the Accessibility menu and enable the “Write descriptions of images” option. Whenever you write a tweet with picture, an “Add Description” button will appear on the thumbnail of your picture.

The feature is designed for the visually impaired, and descriptions that you enter will only be read by screen readers, such as VoiceOver iOS and Android TalkBack. The captions of the photos will not appear visually in the application – they work more or less like the “alt” attribute of HTML.

At the moment, the news is only available in the Twitter apps for Android and iOS.Twitter opened the functionality in the API to allow third-party applications also include descriptions in the images.