Trout with Artificial Rubber Or Rapalas Fishing…

Fish for trout in the lagoons, lakes, rivers or any fresh water reservoir, is without a doubt one of the greatest passions we have the river shore fishermen. But more importantly for trout fishing is precisely the attachment you choose order to capture them, since they are extremely intelligent fish and are not easy to deceive. In today’s brief article I will talk about which would be the most effective bait for trout fishing more easily.

It is no secret that trout mostly itch more fervently in the winter months, i.e., December, January and February, it is when they decide to spawn and put their offspring, why is that at this stage it is easier to capture them, as they become more aggressive to caring for their nests, and therefore any attachment that passes near the nest in those hours of guard without a break It will be attacked.

But which you think is more effective as bait for fishing trout defined by, the rapala or rubber earthworms…

According to my experience the 2 attachments have their pros and cons when it comes to fisheries, all depends on the exact place where you are throwing, that ecosystem structure, if the bite is effective with one or another attachment respectively.

Let me explain briefly…

The artificial worm is mostly used if the Fund is not so many clubs, because in this case the artificial is going rolling slowly by the Fund and stops from time to time, it is the correct way so the trout pique with this attachment, if the background is mostly muddy, it is very possible that this technique is extremely effective , but it is important to know the exact time of give the clavonazo…, but this issue is a bit more complex and I will cover in future articles.

The rapalas, the first thing I want to say is that they should not exceed 5cm to be able to catch trout with greater ease, because although they are fish’s mouth very big, with a 3 to 4 cm with 2 grampines rapala is completely sufficient.

Now it…, the rapala is more effective to use it to mean water, it is said if you notice that the palisade and the vegetation in the background is quite lumpy because this is the right place to launch it, since you can pass near the nests to medium water and cause quite convincing attacks by predators.

In summary

Any of the 2 bait is effective if you use the tips that you just give, personally I have made good catches with both, although many times I’ve needed to go a little at the dam with a boat or inflatable truck camera either, and be able to make the shots from the center toward the edge, this is how itchy best trout , because when it spawns becomes completely break.

Doubts…, deejalas in the comments. Thank you for visiting the blog!