Transform Your Antique Umbrella or Umbrella in A Pillow

Have you ever stopped to think how many times you threw away a  Umbrella  or  parasol  old, or who could not resist a strong wind?

The Green Collective site gave a good tip for reuse your Umbrella or parasol old or broken and enhance the decor of your home! Follow the steps from EntertainmentDNS and turn it into a gorgeous and exclusive yo-yo cushion! The idea is the designer Juliana Mouth who creates more sustainable clothes for her brand, Lily Le.

In addition to  the  old or broken Umbrellas or umbrellas you will need:

– acrylic blanket (or filling some old pillow, after all … the idea is to reuse!);
– two tissue flap circles measuring 50 cm in diameter;
– a large button;
– line and needle.

Step 1
Separate the fabric from the metal frame(Refer the metal frame to the trash picker. Or if you find some utility for it, will you tell me?)

Step 2
Join the two fabric circles and place the filler inside.

Step 3
Join the petals of the umbrella or umbrella so that it forms a yoke.

Step 4
Give a few stitches to attach the petals and to finish nail a button in the center passing the needle on both sides of the cushion and tightening well.

Now your cushion-yo-yo can decorate any environment of your home!
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