Touched With The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

You are already waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and can hardly expect the sales start? Then we can only say: It’s worth it! We’ve looked at the two latest smartphones from Samsung once and have been especially with the S6 Edge on touch. How is it in the hand? How does the double-curved display and what can it do?

Exciting First Contact With The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

We could hardly leave the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge the fingers, so exciting was the game with the new super smartphone. Is not it strange that alone a curved display provides so much attention?Absolutely not. Unlike the Galaxy S6, the Edge variant is quite different in the hand. Although the dimensions are almost identical, the smartphones are hard to compare. The edge is slightly lighter and the left and right slightly curved rear screen conveys a very own sense of ergonomics. It just fits-even with big hands.

And What’s In It?

Under the Gorilla Glass 4 screen, a powerful octa-core processor sets the tone. For this you get the fresh Android Lollipop. At first sight, the user interface appears much more orderly, which is why the new material design is not entirely uninvolved. The camera delivers 16 megapixel images. The sensitive sensor spontaneously makes good recordings and presents itself with a clearly clearer menu than before. Image and video quality can be easily adjusted. This saves storage space when you do more.

How Was That Again With The Edge Display …?

The display is nicely curved on the left and right. However, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is quite different from the Note 4 Edge. The double bend of the display serves mainly as an optical highlight in the S6 Edge. Where the Note 4 Edge provides its own menu next to information, the screen edge of the Galaxy S6 Edge provides a colored VIP display for previously defined contacts. There is therefore no danger that you will accidentally launch an app.


Great inner values ​​meet a pretty package. The curved display with VIP function is definitely an eye-catcher, the operation is easy and liquid from the hand. If you are looking for a new smartphone, the S6 Edge should be noted. With us you can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The official start is scheduled for April 10th.