Toshiba Will Present a New Ultra Thin Tablet at IFA 2011

Seems to be that Toshiba is thinking very much throwing devices “as thick” as its recent tablet Toshiba Thrive, and seen the results, in this imminent IFA 2011 will have something new to show us.

Climbing on the bandwagon of the fine ultra tablets, as the iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Slim) Asus Transformer, Toshiba presented a tablet at IFA 2011 which will reduce half the thickness of your previous tablet.

Its slim body will host inside a processor TI OMAP4460 of dual-core, 1. 5 GHz each core. All connections will be adapted to the small size of his body with, for example, a port of microSD card, a micro HDMI, and a port micro USB.

The housing of the filtered model shows a finish of aluminum, that gives it a very sophisticated touch. We will wait to see that final data brings the presentation of Toshiba and if you will be a definitive take-off for the company in the field of the tablets, as doesn’t seem to have good luck with the mentioned Toshiba Thrive in USA.