Toshiba Has Ready a New Sensor 13 Megapixel, with Very Small Pixels

The cameras are becoming a factor differentiating between Smarpthones, especially within a single platform as competitive as Android. Manufacturers who are able to create their own modules are spoiling the meat on the spit, as in the case of Toshiba.

The Japanese Toshiba Corp. just presented a 13-megapixel camera module, a number that seems that it is becoming common among the high range. The solution is characterized by be backlit (BSI), and have a smaller pixel size.

We do not know the size of the sensor, but that of pixels, which is as small as 1.12 micrometers. Comparing with other devices on the market, a Nokia Lumia 920, with 8.7 megapixels, is 1.4 micrometres. An HTC One, known for playing in one larger size, is going to 2 micrometers per pixel.

The reduction of size, which does not have to be a positive value in the final results, is achieved with the integration of color noise reduction circuitry. Also they boast of a way to run HDR and video recording Full HD at 30 frames per second.

Toshiba product has been named as T4K37, and he has already begun his production, which will be destined to tablets and smartphones, which do not have to be the own Toshiba.