Top Fitness In Place Of Bra?

There’s a beautiful change in the fashion world: the definitions of sectors such as lingerie, sleepwearbeachwearfitness, casual, among others, are increasingly breaking barriers and mingling. 

We’ve seen it with the lingerie, sweaters and leggings turning casual pieces, and increasingly appears a novelty. The novelty of the time are the top fitness, coming straight from the academies to replace the BRA. This is a consequence of tendency athleisure, which brings fitness straight to casual, but who knew you would reach the world of lingerie?

If you haven’t tried a top fitness, don’t know what you’re missing. Even if you don’t do physical activities (try these to start as soon as possible!), this is an amazing piece that every woman should have in the wardrobe. The biggest advantage of replacing the BRA top is the comfort, different results on the look and be able to use some parts not fall well with no bra. Of course one should not do a total replacement of the BRA top, because the form of supporting the breasts of each piece is different. To this end, prefer performance tops, which are those that have greater breast support, bulges light and comfortable elastic and anatomical.

Avoid tops without support, like the strappy type of spaghetti straps because they can hurt your shoulders or without elastic, that does not hold the breasts.The fabric is usually polyester or polyamide, facilitate the evaporation of perspiration, but can also cause allergies, rubbing or squeezing, so always have a lot of attention when choosing a top for constant use.

The positive part is that rarely top fitness has the metal parts of the BRA, which is a relief for those who feel trapped or injured skin by metal trims of the BRA. The important thing is that you feel good and that the Exchange is an advantage for you, your body and your visual end.

Another advantage of using the top fitness in place of bra is to choose it whenever I go to the gym after the daily activities such as work, shopping or school. Not having to carry a piece means less washing clothes, less mess and save time. When you use a top, can and should push back cast and transparent blouses. Play with colorful models and braided, give all a differential in the look.

When you use a top always has a result stripped and young on the look, so avoid using on days of important meetings or when you’re in the mood to use a more elegant piece. Abuse of transparencies, sweatshirts, knits and croppeds.Use with sneakers, casual shoes and even sandals.

Fashion is strong among celebrities and found no less than Izabel Goulart on the street, wearing and popping athleisure trend!

Now that you know the fashion, it’s time to start experimenting with it. The Underwear Store has beautiful and super comfortable top options for you to give this wonder of womanhood! Here are some models: