Tips to Prolong The Scent of a Perfume

Tips on How You Can Extend the Scent of Your Perfume

The form of application contributes to fixation. The best way to apply the perfume is on clean skin, so pass after the shower. Here are some tips to prolong the scent of a perfume. Some people claim that the perfume lasts longer if applied on damp skin Test and see what fits best to your case. In my case, with dry skin it lasts longer. The best place to apply the perfume is on the skin, not on the clothes. Behind the ears, neck, wrists, elbow and knee folds are the most recommended places because it is where there is greater blood circulation and higher temperature, making the dispersion of the aroma is greater. Indication of perfume for each station is not freshness, nor lies. In the heat, perfumes tend to have a more scattered aroma than in winter (because the intensity of the fragrance is increased), so the indication of more concentrated and strong fragrances for the winter and the lighter and fresher during the summer. Therefore, a summer-like perfume, used during the winter, will not have the same duration or the same prominence. On the other hand, the result of the contrary use can be “catastrophic”. Beware of very strong perfumes in the summer.   Try to use a scent suitable for the season. Oily skins hold much more fragrance in the skin than dry skins. If you have dry skin, apply a moisturizer before the scent (one without perfume, so there is no “fight” between the fragrances) and reapply more often during the day. Citrus and floral fragrances last less on the skin, the woody and sweet ones last longer. Tidy scrubs on the dressing table are not often a good idea. Store your perfumes in cool places and away from light, as well as compromising the fragrance’s fixation, the fragrance is also degraded.   In addition to these factors, weight loss, medications, hormonal changes and changes in food also interfere in the fixation of the perfume, that is, reason is what is not lacking. The interesting thing is to observe each characteristic and possible causes and to adapt the use according to its necessity. With the information needed it is much easier to solve the problem, these were the tips to prolong the scent of a perfume.

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