Tips to Organize Jewelry Creatively

The gems and jewelry should be stored in an orderly manner, where each piece be readily available, well visible and without tangled up with the other. Today we bring to you references and inspirations of How to organize jewelry of creatively, original and organized. The best is that you can do all this without spending a lot. Simply use materials you already have in your home: cups, pots, clothes hangers, twigs, tins or even an old shovel! Doubt? Check out the blog post below and be inspired.

See how easy it is to organize jewelry? Various simple objects that we have at home can serve to store them, even utensils that are forgotten can be reused and get a new look. You can organize the space based on several styles and trends. For romantic environments the cups and saucers are ideal, Locals stripped the pans of ice and patties are perfect and who want more convenience can use and abuse of the hangers.

Why is it important to organize jewelry?

Besides leaving the site better organized, making it more enjoyable and easier for you to find what you need, it is very important to organize jewelry in appropriate places, as they are delicate things and that if they are not taken care of can be damaged. It’s too bad when we lose or break a piece of jewelry that we like and which often has sentimental value, doesn’t it? To avoid these problems enjoy our tips!

Today we show how to organize jewelry, but these inspirations can be used for the organization of other objects, and even as a decoration. You can reuse jewelry and jewelry that does not use more and put them as environmental decoration, especially the fourth, giving a special charm to the place.