Tips to Choose Right Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the most important accessories. In addition to protecting your eyes, sunglasses are an important fashion accessory. Choosing the right sunglasses to suit the shape of your face, your style and needs can be difficult. Therefore we provide a few easy steps to help you find the right pair of glasses for you.

1) Determine your face shape:

To select the shape glasses that most suit you, you must first determine your face shape. Different forms glasses suit the different shapes of persons. The desired effect is balanced appearance, so choose glasses, the shape of which is opposite to the shape of your face.

Determining the shape of the face is easy and you can do it in two ways:

  • Look at her reflection in the mirror and draw the shape of your face with lipstick or a marker.
  • Take a picture and then draw a face in the image.

Define which of the following is most closely approximates the outline of your face:

More information about the shapes and forms party glasses that suit them can be found.

2) Select the shape of the glasses:

Once you have determined your face shape and you understand which forms glasses most fit you can choose those that most suit your style and character. Although the main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes, they can be a stylish accessory to your appearance. More about shapes and their characteristics associated glasses can learn here.

3) Determine the size of the framework:

Sunglasses look best when exactly fit the person. Smaller frames fit well into smaller entities and vice versa. Within a basic 3 sizes which are measured in millimeters:

  • The width of the glass
  • The distance between the panes
  • The length of the arm frame

In most cases, these dimensions are inscribed on the inside of one arm of the sunglasses as three consecutive numbers: Width of glass – Distance between the panes – Length of the shoulder.

In order to select the correct size glasses you can find the dimensions of each pair in the description of each product in our online store.

Information and guidance on how to measure your face and determine your size frames see here.

4) Choice of color:

While the choice of frame color completely depends on your taste and preferences, the colors in the windows define the different contrast of sunglasses. It is therefore important when choosing the color of the lenses to be guided primarily by their purpose:

  • Gray/green lenses – these lenses are suitable for activities where the colors are important, for example when driving
  • Brown/amber lenses are suitable for sport
  • Pink and red glass – suitable for glasses that are worn over long periods of time because prechinyavat less strain on the eyes.
  • Blue and purple glass – no specific purpose.
  • Reflective glass – these are glasses which have a reflective film on the outer surface. They are suitable for people with high sensitivity to bright light.

5) Other features:

When choosing sunglasses should take into account other characteristics of glass such as technology, UV protection and others. More information about the types of glass and different technologies can be found here. UV protection and UV protection categories can see here.