Tips On How To Organize Toys

The children’s day is coming and with it many toys. To help organize the mess of the children split up for you some tips:

  1. separate all before you start packing-separate them into categories, for example, unused toys and out of age, broken toys and missing parts, toys to save.
  2. Invest in transparent–after the toys apart, organize them into transparent boxes with identification.They facilitate and harmonize the Organization, as well as facilitate the child’s time to choose what to play.
  3. Do not mix the toys of the children–if your kids share a room, the best is to organize separately the toys.Use shelves and drawers lower for younger and the highest for the oldest.
  4. use creative solutions–if the room is small install some hook and hang small colorful buckets to store pencils, small carts and other toys.
  5. wrap the kids in the Organization–it is important to help children organize their toys to create the habit of organization.You can make this task fun using colored boxes.
  6. clean everything before keep-Organizing is important, but keeping everything clean is also essential.Once in a while, you can clean the toys with vinegar, which is a natural bactericide: the child will become infected and is not flammable.