Tips of Male Underwear: Boxers

Learn with Producer Sets What Kind of Underwear and Pajamas Best Suited

The man who thinks he can put that shirt ripped and the short old bedtime still lives in the caves. As well as women, who generally have a real outfit, the boys also need to cull pajamas and underwear charming and comfortable. After leaving the streets and hear what the big guys are using in home, fashion producer Jose Camarano taught how to choose the correct underwear. Note the tips:

-tall men can opt for boxer model, which has the thickest side. Already men of average height shall choose the traditional slip, which lengthens the leg, since it has the smallest side;
seamless underwear: avoid nuisances generated by the seam between the parts of the piece;
-fabric with coolingsystem: quick dry, perfect for those who play sports;
-modal fabric: fiber extracted from wood pulp is made of cellulose, absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton. It is resistant to repeated washing, don’t lose the softness and brightness of colors;
-pima cotton: globally recognized by the shine and texture, beyond the high absorption and durability.

Check out the Average Price of Underwear:

1) .5 mesh cotton Pajamas-R $139.90
2) sporting Pajamas cotton mesh-R $199.90
3) .5 mesh nautical cotton Striped Pajamas-R $149.90
4) .5 mesh cotton Pajamas with tricoline-R $159.90
5) modal fabric Pajamas-R $259.90
6) in pima cotton Pajamas-R $259.90

1) Microfiber Underwear-R $48.70
2) Underwear with unique system of microfibre quick dry. Ideal for practicing sport-R $50.20
3) modal-R $49.90 Underwear
4) Underwear with Kos (perfect fit/contemporary design)-R $49.90
5) Boxer strip (ideal for young/modern design)-R $49.90
6) Underwear slip pima-R $64.00
7) pima boxers-R $79.90
8) boxers tricoline-R $68.60
9) boxers modal-R $73.20

Other pieces
1) traditional Underwear-R $49.00
2) Pants Pajamas-R $98.00
3 ribbed white tank top)-R $49.00
4) Boxer shorts mesh-R $48.60
5) modal Pajamas grey-R $107.80
6) boxers-R $43.20
7) boxers skull-R $19.90
8) boxers tricoline-R $19.90
9) Boxers Silk-R $39.90
10) mesh Shirt V neckline with buttons-R $39.90