Tips for White Decor

The white decor, apart from minimalist, brings harmony to any environment of home. See tips to make the most beautiful space with the use of this color.

More than betting on a decorating style, it is very important to know andquilibrar colors in time to decorate. For those who want to list a tone as the protagonist of the environment, we have this section in our blog that passes some tips for those who want to bet on the favorite color to help the composing space. Today, especially, we’ll talk about the white decor. How about bet this color in decoration. We have some very interesting ideas.

The white decor is very versatile – can contain colorful contrasting elements, consist of various items of the same family, tones, or be entirely arranged by a single color. Be that as it may, this style of decorating has as main characteristic leave space light and airy, with a large bet, especially for smaller spaces and darker, because tom has the power to reflect light , leaving the room visually bigger.

Combined with more intense colors, the white brings balance to the environment, in other words, don’t let the overlap and let the environment loaded. An interesting tip is to bring white decor through the Securities and abuse of the color of the walls or decorative wall stickers. The result is a cheerful and very nice space.

White has various shades, ranging from grey to the off-whitetrend. For who doesn’t know, the so-called off-white is a variation of white, however, with respect, more yellowish. Bet this tendency in textures is great for da more cozy in the bedroom or living room.

The total white decor requires boldness, after all, the color, if used wrongly, leaves the cold, empty environment. Search for bet on securities more straight, in order to leave room minimalist and modern. Also Use black to bring the contrast, after all, white and black are classics in decoration and worth betting on this composition of the kitchen to the bedroom.

Decorate with white is a good outlet for you who wants to renovate the House environments, without resorting to styles that might not translate to your personality. Remember that, more to follow trends, work correctly with colors is essential to ensure the perfect balance in composition!