Tips for Maintaining Your Watches

Keeping a watch is not too complicated but we have to keep in mind is that it requires special care and regular care. Therefore, from wrist watches , you enumerate 10 tips you should consider for good conservation and proper operation of your watch:

  1. It is betternot wear bracelets in the same wrist watch to preserve the brightness of the polished surfaces and precious stones.
  2. Whether the watch is waterproof or not, youcan clean it with a soft, dry cloth daily.
  3. If your clock is battery, the average length of it is 2 to 3 years. Never leave a dead battery placed on the watch, as its degradation may damage the movement.
  1. The sealing of a water resistant timepiece is ensured by a series of meetings suffering a natural degradation due to aging.Perform a periodic monitoring of good seals and replace them if necessary , especially if you practice some form sport with him or has frequent contact with water. It is advisable to renew every 2 years for optimal safety.
  2. Perform a proper movement control every 5 years by an authorized service or a watch trusted to retain all ofits precision and reliability. The gear must be cleaned and greased properly for perfect operation . If your watch is delayed or comes forward it is a symptom of a necessary revision.
  3. If youdo not use your mechanical clock for several months, wind it frequently to prevent oils become denser.
  4. If your belt is madeof rubber, clean it regularly with soap and water.
  5. Tighten the watch to your wristto avoid wear on the metal bracelet and clean every two months.
  6. Take specialcare in strong magnetic fields as they can advance or delay his watch. In most cases they return to their usual field after the departure of state, but in other cases may be affected.
  7. Clean the glass with a soft, lint -free, without any chemicals. We can dampen the cloth slightly to remove traces of grease and dirt.

If you apply these recommendations with particular detail and importance, your timepiece is kept for many years.