Tips for Healthy Nail Growth

For a lot of people have the beautiful nails is extremely difficult. The nails are made of keratin (hard), as in animals’ hooves and horns. The nails help protect your fingers and do some basic things of life, such as scratching, clawing, for example. Nail care is very important!

Check out the tips and advices on how to have healthy nails:

  1. Do not share pliers and nail file. Several types of fungi (fungal infections) can be transmitted through the use of these instruments. The best halls use disposable and sterilize pliers sandpaper.
  2. Moisturize your nails. Dry nails can chip, crack and become more fragile. There are several creams on the market that help. Hydration can be done from the inside out with the water intake.
  3. Do not use shoes tight and not too pointy. Get rid of the nails which can cause the dreaded ingrown toenail or irregular growth.
  4. Be careful with cleaning products. The ideal is to use gloves when contact with cleaning products. Some substances can damage your nails, disrupting the growth, appearance and even making them more brittle.
  5. Place the shoe in airy place and do not use the same half. Your feet sweat throughout the day. That moisture can be an enabling environment for fungi-enemies of nails.
  6. Replace acetone for nail polish remover. Acetone will dry out your nails if applied too often.
  7. Cut toenails straight format. This helps prevent ingrown toenails.
  8. Use 100% cotton socks. It is best to absorb moisture and, therefore, avoid fungi.
  9. Don’t neglect a problem. Appeared something on your nail and not disappeared over time, see a dermatologist. The most serious problems of the nail resulting from negligence, which may lead to loss of nails, irregularities, stains, etc.
  10. Take biotin to brittle nails. Researchers found that biotin strengthens nails. People who took 2.5 mg of biotin for about 5 months showed stronger nails, according to DR. It is important to note that one should look for a specialist (dermatologist) to diagnose the real need of the biotin intake, as well as the appropriate amount.

Do you know any tips for healthy nails? Share with us!