Tips for Choosing the Colors for the Walls

One of the most important decisions when starting to decorate or renovate a home is the color of the walls, an election that will influence the style and the rest of the details (furniture, paintings, textiles…).
Thus, currently, neutral, white, colors and raw are the most popular, because they offer advantages as a greater feeling of spaciousness, the Environment Unit, greater opportunities to combine and a great luminosity. Therefore, they are a valid key for broader both stays small.

However, we can also choose to give prominence to the walls through color. And how to decide which is the best option? In addition to following our taste and instinct, we can be guided by what is known as a psychology of colors, which assigns to each color a feeling, a feeling, a stimulus…

Thus, from this theory could divide the colors into two groups: the colder tones, i.e., blue, green, purple… which reflect purity, tranquility, relaxation, creativity… And warm, like yellows, oranges and reds, emanating power and warmth.

With all of this, What are the colors appropriate to stay?

-In the bedroom it is better to resort to the Blues, to convert that space into a haven of peace. However, in the nursery, you can opt for the Greens and purples, which will promote creativity.
– In the bathroom will also use the blue and whites, since we are looking for that feeling of purity, calm and clean.

– In the living room, the room… we can use warmer tones, such as yellows, Browns, oranges… That Yes, it is always better to use shades more clear and sparingly, as if it may not be too daring and clipping.
-In the office we also seek to promote creativity, get a comfortable space, and therefore we will use green, purple…

Despite this advice, the decision is never easy, and in addition, today we can enjoy a huge selection of shades of the same color that even more complicated decision. Well, What better way to make the decision, we can make a Preview of the result?

Therefore can use applications such as of Alba Visualizer. We will just have to aim the camera of a mobile phone or tablet to the wall, select the combination of colors desired and ready! We can already see how would our House in the chosen colors.