Tips For Camping In Winter

Travelers who enjoy the sport and the contact with nature do not stop with low temperatures. It is possible to go camping in autumn and winter, but it is important to be more cautious and load some things more for the trip.

Please note that you will have to carry more luggage because you need extra amounts of some things like proteins, batteries, insulation for carp and gas.

Here are the tips for camping lovers:

Get ready for extreme cold: by the morning or overnight temperatures can be lower than 0 degrees. It is vital to have adequate clothing, mainly thermal clothing. Don’t forget to bring waterproof clothing.

Carry spare gas: will use more energy in the summer because you will use more gas to heat, boiling water for hot drinks and light (since the days are shorter than in summer). A replacement gas cylinder is never over.

Protect yourself from the wind: it is recommended to carry a Windbreak to put next to the tent, that way you feel less cold and it will also be easier to cook.

Localiza tents: should be cautious. If climatic conditions become impossible, it is important that you have located alternative shelters.

Charging batteries: cold affects them much more, so do not forget to alkaline batteries.

Ventila carp: thus prevent moisture to condense, what would make you feel the cold more.

Alimentate well: proteins must be the Queens of your diet. In winter there are plenty never dried fruit, cereal and chocolate.

Transport: do not forget that, if you go by vehicle to the place, you must check antifreeze, oil and brake fluid levels.

Snow: if there is snow, be sure to put the tent where the thickest layer is.

Looking for what are the camping that remain open during this winter season and prepare yourself with time.Please note that, if you are looking for is total silence and a well-starry night, you should opt for a place away from large urban areas.

Winter should not prevent you enjoy the most of your favorite activities!