Tips and Trends for Boxer Shorts

Everyone knows that everyone’s wearing, has one in the wardrobe: boxer shorts, the classic loose pants. Through their comfortable wearing comfort, boxer shorts here offer optimum leg room and still do this pretty casual look.

Boxer Shorts for Men

Learn now

-What are boxers shorts made from?

-What different boxers are there?

-Which materials are distinguished?

– Classic, retro or hip style: for what occasion do these models fit?

– What size fits you?

Boxer shorts: from sports apparel to eye-catcher

Already in the 1920s the advantages of the new shorts were estimated in the boxing as the name shows. 70 years later, the boxer shorts made the leap from the ring onto the big fashion stage. The billboards, on which Mark Wahlberg (Berlinetta Boxer) sexily presented his white Calvin small boxer shorts, contributing a rest to the pants hype.


Today boxer shorts are no longer only in the original white. Meanwhile “Man” carries a wide variety of designs – and that’s a good thing, because the selection of trendy styles is huge. Not only is the colour variety great, but also the selection of cuts and materials is considerable.

Advantages of the classic Variant

The shape of these boxer shorts is very wide, the leg extends to the middle of the thigh and only the elastic waistband fits tightly. Airy shape also a positive effect on the potency is said to have, by the way besides the comfort boxer shorts – there is probably no other garment that allows more space the male private parts! Anyway, it’s exactly this comfortable fit that boxer shorts are very popular both men and women and they are preferred as Pajama pants.

The disadvantages of the wide shape:

You will show up under tight trousers — the fabric can go here: visible bulges. Who wants to wear not only wide trousers, but also likes access to the skinny jeans, better opts for the so-called retro shorts, which came in the 1990s on the market. They are cut as long as her brother, classical, just just all-around tight fitting.

In any case, one thing is clear: underwear may tweak at any point, scrape, or constrict. So you may encounter so always relaxed and casual, should boxers on skin compatibility, comfort, style and carefully select size.


Most are classic cotton boxer shorts. Moreover, but also satin fabrics and other materials made of synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, feel viscose, microfibre and elastane modal use.


-The loose cut classic boxers are usually completely cotton, because the fabric particularly high wearing comfort by its smooth, cool texture. Also has breathable properties of cotton and not statically charged.


-The closer-fitting retro shorts are made mostly of a material mix with high elastane that ensures a good fit.


-In particular micro fiber shorts are very breathable, which brings a temperature-regulating effect when heat or exercise and has a pleasantly warm in the cold season. Athletes should therefore rather resort to micro-fiber models because they save no dampness as opposed to cotton models and the pants remain so comfortably dry, instead of sticking to the body, once the skin is sweaty.




Whether under the suit or the casual jeans, sport or to sleep, with boxer shorts you’re always well dressed. But once reexamined: what models are there actually? And what shorts are suitable for which style best?


Classic boxer shorts from the web page are very popular thanks to its comfortable fit cotton. Wide cut range legs usually until the middle of the thigh. In combination with the mostly wide, shirred rubber waist comfort is no wonder inimitable, well as Pajama pants. They are good as underwear for men who like it like casual and often access to the jeans pants.


-Retro shorts in contrast to the classic boxer shorts have a body-hugging fit, and that is why they hardly apply under tighter clothing and also any unwanted fabric fold throw. By its perfect fit, they are perfectly suited for the business outfit, as well as for sport lovers.


-The Hip shorts or even low rise shorts are boxer shorts with very short leg, which particularly figure-hugging and just sit and thus represent a sexy alternative to the classic shorts.


The color of the boxer shorts: a matter of taste


As for the design, there are no limits to the creativity. Classic boxer shorts are plain, striped or plaid in most cases. The colours black, white, grey and shades of blue dominate the classical style and probably most commonly be found in man cabinets. But what you like is depending on your taste and mood, models with points, comicprints, wild patterns or eye-catching colours are now at least as popular. Just brand shorts have mostly a broader band – often with a well visible logo, which can be seen also on a deeper cut pants. As a rule of thumb: the stylish man wearing exactly the designs that he would easily wear as a shirt on his shorts – so bright colors and eye-catching prints are untenrum absolutely acceptable for quite brave.




The probably most complicated on the purchase of boxer shorts is the choice of the correct fit, because there is no uniform and binding sizing chart. Also, the dimensions and size tables differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Because a conversion of underwear for hygienic reasons is usually excluded, each purchased model should so at best not only visually good but also fit right off the bat.


So take measurements: leg lengths must be measured which directly below the navel (that’s where the waist should sit) measured waist circumference is quite adequate. But even if the most Boxer shorts have elastic cuffs and so reasonably offer much of the game, you should not cheat while reading the scope – that later retaliates by wearing underpants. So wrap the tape measure directly under the navel to the belly and read providing centimeters. This number can be then easily converted into the matching Boxer shorts size. But be careful: size-technically different systems apply worldwide. Who wants to be not so unprepared when for example, once buying an American brand shorts, remembers best all different assembly information for its size.


A distinction is usually between the German, the French, European and international size.


-A waist from 91 to 94 cm corresponds to a German 46, a France 2, a 3-European and international of size XS.


-95 to 98 cm 3, 4 European and international shorts size s means a German 48, a French


-Who measures 99 to 102 cm, adheres European on the 5 and internationally to the size of M to the German size 50, French on the 4.


-A federal range from 103 to 106 cm corresponds to 52, the French 5, German size of 6 European and international size L.


-The mass of 107 to 110 set a German 54, a French 6, a European 7 and international near the size XL.


– And finally, you attack the French 7, the European 8 with a waist from 111 to 114 cm after the German size 56, and international shorts in XXL.


Those who know their waist should have no more problems with the various specifications. Although, it may happen that some manufacturers differ slightly from the above values, but mostly it’s actually only a few centimeters, which are balanced by the elastic cuffs of the respective Boxer shorts.




The biggest advantage of boxer shorts is that they are so wonderfully comfortable and it by discreetly to garish, by far to tight, from solid colors to the comic book printing are all possible designs. This diversity is not easier the selection, but who once found its correct size and the model of his choice, for the purchase of Boxer shorts is depending on the whim of discreetly to Extrovert to absolute child’s play. Make the choice even easier, you should ask yourself following questions before each purchase:


-What is the wasit size do you have?


-Under which clothes would you wear the shorts?


-What properties should the material of your pants have?


-Would you wear the shorts as a shirt design?