Tips and Models of Vintage Dress!

Check Out Tips And Models Of Vintage Dress And Be Inspired In The Famous Dresses!

A vintage dress, even new, seeks inspiration in trends of past decades, being ideal for women who want to form looks stylish and different. Online stores offer many options of vintage dress, but it’s important to know how to use this type of dress. With that in mind, today’s post brings you tips and models of vintage dress. Check out!

Our initial inspiration comes from singer Taylor Swift, who uses very vintage dress in his public appearances. In the case of the image below, Taylor Swift opted for a delicate dress with inspiration in the years 60, what is connected to your personality.

The above is a typical dress evasê dress with round skirt, who values the hip and not mark the chubbiness. But the highlight of this red dress is the region of the trunk, which resembles a corset, highlighting even more vintage inspiration. Thus, the bust is well designed, that enhances the breasts, and the waist is also valued by the fair’s top modeling.

Vintage Dress Tips.

The vintage dress tips are very simple, is to dress in accordance with trends of past decades, usually requires only a good dress and discreet accessories. Check out some specific TIPS from vintagewill and inspired!

First, it is not recommended to use the look with vintage trend, because the look can be caricatured;

A good vintage dress can be the years 70, 60, 50 or 20, it all depends on your style;

Dress years 70 ‘s hippie and disco-inspired;

Dress years 60 and 50 has strong poodle skirts (evasê), in addition to the delicacy of the elements;

In 20 years, fringes and low waist marking predominated;

It is important that you use the vintage dress with modern accessories, creating a nice contrast;

The last tip is always the most important: follow your style and feel good with the clothes.

With these tips and models of vintage dress, you will blow a lot of style!

Vintage Dress Models
#1 Vintage Dress Soft

Vestido floral vintage Demi Lovato has some details give a vintage feature, highlighting the classical collar, super high currently, and the pattern of flowering trees, recalling the Japanese floral prints.

In addition, the modeling of this party dress has references of years 50, with skirt lightly evasê, thin belt marking the waist and neckline closed.

#2 Vintage Dress 50 Years

The dress Bruna evasê Majmudar has evasê more traditional modeling, with median length and closed neckline. How modeling is discrete, the pattern is formed by several drawings with harmonic colors, leaving the look youthful and interesting.

#3 Vintage Dress Years 70

Note that the dress worn by Isis Valverde has many features like fluffy modeling hippies, the ethnic pattern (in this case indiana, one of the fevers of 70 years) and the tissue fluid. All these elements make this dress does not check the body and focus attention on the bust and, where are the pattern and the V-neckline.

#4 Vintage Dress 20 Years

The 20 years of Chandelly dress Bas has several interesting details, first highlights the hemline has a pleated fabric, recalling the fringes.

In addition, the glares and the designs that they form give the dress the fitness for nightly parties. Already at the top, take income, in the same color of the dress, gives delicacy to the bust, which is also valued by the V-neckline.

#5 Vintage Polka Dress

The vintage polka dress of Fátima Bernardes is a free, ideal to rock with elegance and modernity in many occasions.

First, note that this PoA are not polka dots but rather little hearts, which combines with the colors red and black. In addition, the combination of the V-neckline with loose modeling and markedly waist is one of the best suited to enhance the body, without showing too much.

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