Timeless Or Trendy: These 12 Accessories Give the Casual Look PEP

Bring even your spring wardrobe into shape? You know: when the first warm rays of sunshine break through the cloud grey, I have an urge to expose my wardrobe of an inventory : what casual basics can I wear this season yet? And what contemporary I could add fashion trends around my outfits new PEP to give?

In two blog posts I have you already collected my small list, include what timeless clothes for me to my casual look in the spring and complement these wonderfully with the trendy alternatives. Today I turn to the shoes, bags and accessories. Because these rarely quasi are the cherry on top of the casual look. And again I hope that for you some inspiration here is knowing that you are perhaps a different type of style and to your best pieces include very different accessories for you -… Now androgynous, feminine, sporty or classic and elegant – I wish you every success in your very own selection!

The series includes three blog posts “Timeless or trendy…”:

  • Part 1: 12 timeless fashion basics for my leisure wardrobe
  • Part 2: 12 trendy alternatives for my modern casual look
  • Timeless and trendy accessories for the casual look part 3:12

The classic shoe: footwear with highest convenience factor

1. sneakers or slip-ons – but with PEP

You know my sneaker love. And if you read here a while, you know, that are worn sneakers really to do anythingeven to classic skirts, dresses and pants suits. For the leisure I can imagine no more comfortable footwear – except maybe the cognate slip-ons. And of course I’m talking bright colors, patchwork appearance, material-mix elements or metallic effects not field, forest and meadows sneakers rather than sneakers with that special something alias. Namely pretty, the classic has blossomed in recent years…

2. booties – fine leather and block heels give spring flair

Well, my second favorite shoe should of course not be missing: the bootie. In addition to the robust classic biker boot, this species may fail in the spring also again something pure and noble. And if he has a trendy chunky heel, then that makes it not only pleasant, but also stylish.

Trendy shoes: the return of the stuffiness – but devilishly comfortable

3. loafer or slippers: The classic men’s shoe may now naked ankle

If there is currently a comfortable trend shoe, which can buy the sneakers off the cutting then is that the loafer or just any slipper-shaped. The classic Gucci with the bridles clasp is the hottest favorite of fashionistas. But all models, whose Kappe runs rather pointed or almond-shaped, are announced.

And if you want to win a few trend point to do so, then this shoe doesn’t mind if he gets a super thick platform sole. Or if he simply on the heel is open and thus converts to the “Mule” slipper-style. Or if he receives a few straps that are tie to the shackles. If pointed, flat shoes were always among your favorite pieces, you have spoilt for choice in this season.

Prefer these shoes be incidentally currently worn with bare ankles – so with the 7/8-flared Jeans, the Jeans-Culotte or narrow, straight or skinny jeans. But you can carry it in principle to all looks, which you would attract even sneakers.

4. (ballerina-) pumps with chunky heel – the Granny boot impresses in modern version

My grandma wore them and for countless women in the 50’s and 60’s, it was the classic women’s shoe that was worn with skirt or costume to any outfit: the pump with medium-high block heel and rounded Cap. Now called this type of shoe “Ballerina Pumps”, because they look as if they had higher flat ballerinas with a chunky heel.

If you however find a copy with ornate heel, ankle strap or T-strap, then have not only a trendy, but also a very comfortable shoe in the repertoire. Manages you charming way the leg length to add backthat lost when the current forms of the pants. Whether you want to rely on a round cap, or maybe on a lace CAP, not least depends on the size of your shoe. Tip: Round caps make your feet look smaller, sexy lace caps.

For the summer, I have of course even more shoe styles… But I will introduce it on another occasion.

The bags classics: Appreciation for any casual look

5. the shopper – everything, not only in shopping

I don’t know what you all do in your spare time. But I love it when – or just whenever I’m out all day and still don’t know exactly what entails this so – I’m here when shopping, at the meeting with girlfriends or in the Spring Garden, what could be important. Or if I just quickly want to stow a sweater.

So a stylish shopper with one or two strong handles, which can be too comfortable to wear over the shoulder, is always a reasonable Companion. He doing here alone because of its size and is a great style in fine leather. To small women, but are then you should reach for a maximum medium shopper, which fits to your proportions (in the right-hand column of the page on the website you find a few of the most shopper-models – also medium-sized specimens).

6. the Hobo bag – the oldeworlde leisure classic

The Hobo bag is the oldeworlde alternative to the shopper. It is more or less spacious, easy to handle and comfortable to wear over the shoulder – or with a long handle even very practically across the shoulder – depending on the version. This timeless bags-oldie is best advantage in high-quality leather.

A small note at this point: If your ideal leisure bag is now rather the shopper or the Hobo bag, mainly depends on how much structure and angularity take your style type. The one or the other type of bags actually fits every woman.

The trend bags: pocket shapes with high filling potential

7. the Saddlebag – from the saddle of a horse to fashion heaven

Formerly the small, often rounded pockets with flap and clasp were used as typical saddle bags to transport goods or personal items with the horse. Now, they serve as an inspiration for a whole generation of ladies handbags. Also this very ladylike bag type is not new, but very hot.

The classic shoulder bag or Tote with flap and decorative buckle PEPs of any jeans outfit on and can surprisingly paraphernalia (er) taking. And: they combined now not too classic and elegant looks, but adds a casual leisure ensembles Lady class.

8. the bag – the capacity of the sporting kind

I wore them constantly in the 90s: the bag. The capacity is great, even if the finding of this often takes something. The look of the bag is a very casual bags variant for leisure, which is topped only by the sporty backpack. If you love unstructured bags with much volume, you can now exchange your Hobo bag against the trend bags.

The accessory classic: Style guarantee for your casual look

9. the shawl – the last bastion against cooler spring air

A life without scarf is feasible, but fashionable highly unsatisfactory for me – so I would like to modify the famous theorem of Loriot at this point. A scarf is one of the spring’s wardrobe as an umbrella. It’s a cashmere silk scarf with a classic plaid pattern or in an accent color, and proper binding techniques, comes even more momentum in the casual look. And at warmer temperatures a light cotton or silk scarf is simply from the scarf. Main thing a little warming neck decoration…

10. the jeans belt – robust, practical, irreplaceable

A good, sturdy jeans belt made of smooth leather – perhaps decorated with a few rivets or eyelets – is a good investment for any sporty casual wardrobe of the base. Because as a bunch of jeans will be tamed simply stylish. Even if you wear your top about it, it is often useful to fit the pants on the Po. And for the “helped tuck” it is advantageous when a nice belt buckle at the top which flashes. Yes, at any time, you can omit the belt if he bothers you. As long as you have the choice.

Trend Accessories: A plus for the coolness factor

11. the Nicki – or bandana cloth: the small style maker

The small, patterned square cloth made of cotton or silk has sneaked back into fashion. It is particularly relevant, if it is a Paisley pattern to see. It is bound now in cowboy-style as a triangle with the top down, or with a double knot front teasingly at the neck. “Small but powerful” is the motto. The small Nicki towels or their larger sisters, the “Bandanas”, a trendy alternative to their warmer scarf colleagues are for sunnier days.

12. the woven belt – rustic hippie flair to any outfit

If there is a kind of belt for leisure, which has stock in addition to the obligatory jeans belt, it is the sporty rustic woven belt. You can use it easily in the coming season for everything: for the jeans as well as to keeping together a Blazers, a dress shirt, an oversize blouse or a jumpsuits. For me, the belt is of course black. You can achieve special hippie flair but rather with medium brown versions.

Small Tip: If you look like your woven belt, as have connected him with the buckle, but casually knotted and offset slightly from the Center to the side, on the scale of the trend are far above.

That was my little journey through my personal Basigarderobe for a spring-like casual look. Connoisseurs will have noticed the basics, which I presented to you the three contributors, can be also wonderfully put together to a Capsule Wardrobe for your leisure time. Because the most tops, jackets, coats, pants, skirts and dresses are combined.

Here I put for you at the end of a small comparison together: the basic outfit of jeans and striped shirt is combined with timeless accessories and Biker jacket, once the hottest accessories and bomber jacket. I would just wear two outfits:

Of course, you can supplement your individual leisure wardrobe stylistically by accessories, such as jewelry and sunglasses. In these two areas, I’m quite frugal. I prefer a few, but mostly genuine jewelry I wear for years and consider not seasonally. And I have two wonderful sunglasses, which – I think – is perfectly suited to my face and that I also not seasonally replace. But that may be quite different for you of course.

I’m curious which accessories you will use in the coming season to garnish your spring casual look with a touch of trend! Tell it to me?