Thong-Why Use?

You still have fear of wearing thong for you think you won’t get comfort? Break this paradigm.

The thong is used by some women in intimate and romantic moments because men like (and) and women love to seduce them. On the other hand, there are women who refuse to wear this kind of panties and have those that only use dental floss simply by the fact of love.  

You find this model in panties with some varieties, such as the width of the wire, the sides, type of fabric, colors and prints. But the main feature is that it has a minimum coverage with the intention not to score under your clothes, for all kinds of hip and for those who like to use the template. The consumption of these panties increased when women discovered that they are great to use with a very fair dress, leggings or light-colored pants, because it portrayed a invisible panties.

For the day the day you better choose the models made in cotton, because they allow the breathing zone and prevents the proliferation of bacteria that can cause infections. The lace thong is good to disguise the skids, who has just left on top of the elastic. If you opt for the model of income, it is important to remember that the texture of the fabric can score a pair or tight shorts, going against the objective of using a dental floss – who is hiding her panties. Already the silk and satin models are ideal for use in a more intimate moment as sexy lingerie.

To be beautiful, elegant, sexy, etc, the woman can do anything, isn’t it? Adapt to the thong is not the biggest problem. The first time you use, the hassle is minimal. But, when adptada, the chance of you fall in love with this kind of panties is almost inevitable.

The Specialità has several models of thong. If you desire to use, pass on the site and find one for you to try. But, if you are a regular user of this type of underwear, why not buy a new lingerie?