These Are The News of Android 7.1.2: Fixes Important Bugs and Battery Usage Alerts

Although already are facing the journey of Android and the prior to developers, allowing you to still be with some good striking feature, Android Nougat It is ending be defined already having the 7.1.2.

7.1.2 Android has been officially published and the deployment has begun for Nexus and Pixel devices. The best of this display is that fixed bugs enough important which carried his time being a stumbling block for the ultimate user experience.

First for the Pixel

The update contains a number of bugs fixes, added features and general improvements in the performance and stability of the system. The following is the most striking of the new version:

  • Improved the performance of the gestures on the fingerprint sensor
  • The Bluetooth connectivity improvements
  • Battery usage alerts

Corrections of bugs are used for the untimely closure found in some cases, a solution for those users that they experienced the “pink Strip” in the camera and the Elimination of those sounds in the audio that some users were experiencing at a high volume.

The only new feature of the 7.1.2 are battery usage alerts and that they appeared for the first time in beta 2 this version of Android. The peculiarity of the solution of the problem of inappropriate closure, it is that without being corrected in the Nexus 6 p, just the phone that have become the majority of the reports.

For this reason, there are other change notes for the Nexus:

  • Improved the stability of the notifications
  • Gestures on the sensor’s footprints in the 5 X/6 p
  • The general connectivity enhancements
  • Battery usage alerts

Although the gestures on the fingerprint sensor were original pixel, even to say that exclusivity was the hardware, finally Google has joined the Nexus, as we see in this publication.

They are already available images of factory and the OTA that can be downloaded if you don’t want to wait for Android 7.1.2 for the normal channel.