These Are the Must-Have Sunglasses

The sun is on, and we’re out there rather than in some stuffy room – Summertime is called Sunglasses Time and I’ll show you today the most fashionable models for 2016!One thing I can tell you already:It is conspicuous;)

Headpiece striking: Large & round sunglasses for 2016

In terms of sunglasses is the motto for 2016:the main thing is your sunglasses!Bloggers & celebrities have not long ago relied on classic models – in terms of shapes and colors you can trust.

Large sunglasses that cover almost the entire face are not just a fashion statement, but also mask the traces of the last party after t;) For big sunglasses, you can look for the sunglasses and sunglasses that you like best fallen and/or stand – principal big!

The round sunglasses remind us strongly of retro sunglasses of the 50s or 60s. But not every face is a round pair of sunglasses. Especially people with round faces should rather avoid this trend as round sunglasses emphasize the robe of your face even more.

Mirrored sunglasses for a cool look

Sunglasses with mirrored lenses are looking for us every summer – and for 2016 these cool sunglasses are an absolute must-have.The mirrored lenses look casual and in the sunlight it simply gives a great color play.Mirrored sunglasses are actually everyone – because the shape can choose any suitable for his face shape.

How do you like the sunglasses for 2016?