These Are Our Sunglasses

It’s finally here again!The summer is at the door and with it the justification to have the sunglasses ready at any time.Today, we reveal to you which sunglasses are real must-haves this year.

1. Sunglasses Trend: Colorful sunglasses

This summer is the motto: the more colorful, the better!2015 fans of extravagant spectacles get their money’s worth, because in terms of colors, everything is allowed, with blue and red tones dominating.

The interplay of glass and frame color also plays an important role this summer.Both a strong contrast, for example very dark glasses in a white frame, as well as tone in tone are here completely in the trend.

So-called two-layer acetates, in which the frame is different in color from the outside, are also frequently present in the new collections of the designers.

As long as your sunglasses are a true eyecatcher, you have done everything right!

2. Sunglasses Trend:Sunglasses with colorful mirrored lenses

To the trend of the colorful sunglasses closes the mirroring of the glasses, which is to be synonymous as bright as possible.Were mirrored sunglasses originally intended primarily for athletes, so today they are also indispensable in the fashion world.You can find them in all colors of the rainbow, gladly also combined with each other.A white frame forms a nice contrast to colorful mirrored sunglasses and for the very brave among you it may be a frame in another color.

These mirrored sunglasses can also be combined very well with sporty outfits.

3. Big & round sunglasses for summer 2015

In addition to the bright colors, the sunglasses this year witnesses a revival of the 70s.Round glasses, as John Lennon wore them, but at least an oval shape, stand at the top of the hit list.They should be as big and as striking as possible.If you have enough of the many colors, you can use a frame in horn-look, otherwise all other trends can be applied to round sunglasses.Above all, they are mirror-colored and create a real eye-catcher!

4. Other Sunglasses Trends 2015: Monoshades and Cat Eye Sunglasses

For all those who like something more classic, we can calm down: for women, Cat Eye sunglasses continue to be trendy and aviator glasses (eg from Ray-Ban) can still be run.

A new trend, on the other hand, is the so-called Monoshades, which were previously known mainly from the sports range. In this type of glasses, the glasses are not interrupted by the nose band, but the glasses consist of a single glass, which also forms the nose band.
In the summer of 2015 is sunbathing technically so almost everything is allowed and certainly something for everyone.