Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite

There are mattresses in every imaginable color and shape. If you want to be particularly easy on the road, you do not usually get around a closed-cell foam mattress. These camping mats are extremely robust and have a very good ratio of the R-value to the weight. Also the Z-Lite of Therm-a-rest belongs in this category of camping mats. But what differentiates this mat from others?


The special thing about the Z-Lite is that it is not rolled up, but folded like a concertina according to MaternityGuides. This property is relatively practical for one or the other application. The second special feature of the Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite is the unusual surface structure, which is most reminiscent of an egg carton. This structure provides for a much more comfortable lying comfort than with flat EVA mats. With the same material thickness and thus the same weight, the Therma-a-Z-Lite is considerably thicker and therefore more comfortable than the ordinary mats. The comfort of a NeoAir can not be approached, the comfort gain is nevertheless noticeable.


The Z-Lite is divided into 14 segments of the same size. I usually use only 4-6 of these segments. These are folded so that they represent a decent back pad for my backpack. In addition, I can use the segments as a seat cushion or put under my knees. At night, I use these segments to lengthen my shortened mattress or as an additional insulation for the torso.

However, if you prefer to use the mat as a whole, you will also find advantages in foldability. Because the mat is not rolled like other mats, it does not roll back together when you just do not want it. With more than one “rollmatte” I woke up at night, because the foot end had plunged.

Advantages Of Z-Lite

Comfortable by egg box structure

Foldable and therefore versatile


Easily optimized (scissors)


As with all foam mats, foam is flat.

Larger pack size


Weight: 363g (reweighted), Manufacturer: 410g

R value: 2.2

Height: 183 x 51 cm

Packing size: 51 x 13 x 14 cm