The Yoga Postures That Need (Even) Know

Take a deep breath, relax, and let the postures of yoga help to make a person more relaxed, healthy and happy.

The Yoga Postures That Need (Even) Know

The yoga is a philosophy of the ancient practice that seeks the self-knowledge, through the liberation of the conscience against the impositions of the daily routine.

Learn yoga postures that will help you find a balance between body and mind, allowing a more laid-back, relaxed and happy.

According to the philosophy, the postures of yoga are methods to integrate in one of three different entities: the soul, the outer world and the Universe, in order to enhance the development of each human being to the level of the body, energy, emotions, thoughts and intuition.

The benefits in knowing the yoga postures that you can incorporate in your life are the consequences of spiritual transformation, of the proper functioning of the organs, won by the moves made in the classroom and the practice of healthy habits how to take care of the mind, to always be well fed, drink some water and sleep well.


  • Improves the quality of life, promoting well-being, serenity and inner peace;
  • Provides emotional balance;
  • Improves the problems of insomnia and depression;
  • Stimulates the blood circulation;
  • Decreases back pain;
  • Improves posture and muscle strengthening;
  • Gives energy to the body and mind;
  • Strengthens the body, taking health as the main focus.



This is to do as soon as the alarm sounds. The posture of stretching of the cat is the best way to “wake up” the entire column after a long night of sleep.

  • Start 4, in the position of a kitten, then arch the spine and lower the head, so getting the look for your thighs.
  • Take a deep breath, bring the column back to the starting position and look up, letting the belly fall.
  • Repeat four times.

This is one of the yoga postures with more benefits: gives flexibility to the spine; strengthens the joints of the wrists and shoulders; massages the digestive organs; tones the abdomen and improves digestion.


This is one of the yoga postures that you must do after long periods of inactivity, to stretch the legs and back.

  • Stand and loosen the shoulders.
  • Slowly, bend your body forward and go down toward the toes. If you are not able to touch the floor, bend a little your knees. If, on the contrary, you have a lot of facility to do the exercise, bend one knee at a time, with the hands on the toes of the feet, to make it harder for the activity and stretch the tendons.
  • Return to starting position, slowly, and let it lift the head and the neck only at the end.

The benefits are many: it lengthens all the muscles of the back of the body; it invigorates the nervous system by increasing the flow of blood; it leaves the spine more pliable; and tones the abdominal organs.


Arrived in the middle of the afternoon and gave a certain laziness and already only manages to look at the clock and go into the countdown to the time of departure? So, it is time to give the body energy! This position of yoga will help you survive the last few hours of work.

  • Make the starting position of the runner and make sure that your feet are aligned.
  • Slowly, rotate the body, support the heel of the rear foot on the floor, keep the knee of the forward leg bent and raise the arms up to the height of the shoulders.
  • Looking forward, breathe in, deeply, three times in this position and then return to the posture the initial one.

The benefits are many, among which the improvement of balance, strengthening of the legs; toning of the legs, arms and muscles of the shoulders. Quickly, and knowing when and how to practice, yoga postures can help to release stress effectively.


This is the most difficult of the series that allows you to present it. It is used to release tension of the hips, relax the body and slow down, being, as such, ideal for practicing at night, before going to sleep.

  • Start in the position of the dog looking down.
  • Lift the right leg and, without against it on the floor, fold it, as if it were sitting in the position of the indian. Bend your body forward to touch the forehead on the ground. If you are unable to place a pad high in front of you, to rest the forehead.
  • Breathe deeply five times in that position and then return to the posture the initial, repeating the entire movement, from back to front.

The best yoga posture to relax before going to sleep and that helps to stretch the entire front body, ankles, thighs and groin and abdomen; strengthens back muscles; improves posture and stimulates the organs of the abdomen and neck.

The benefits of yoga postures are varied and this is a practice that can be developed by any person. Helps relieve stress, improve memory and concentration, correct posture, and even improve the performance of children in school. Get started today to put into practice our suggestions.