The Wedding Of Lady Gaga Dress Will Be “Simple And Elegant”

The singer has decided to leave their extravagant outfits for another time and has entrusted his creative team to design him a traditional wedding dress

The singer Lady Gaga – whose real name is Stefani Germanotta – prefer to leave their extravagant outfits for their concerts or their public appearances according to SOFTWARELEVERAGE, so the day of her wedding with actor Taylor Kinney intends to bet on a discreet and traditional design to demonstrate the “seriously” that is taken through the altar.
“This step is taken seriously and marry Taylor as Stefani, not as Gaga. Stefani is much more discreet than Gaga. “Has commissioned le the design of her dress, Haus of Gaga [his personal creative team] but will be very simple and elegant”, said a source at the magazine heat.
The link of Gaga and her fiance will go in line with the dress of the interpreter, and will be a traditional ceremony at the Italian whose reception Joanne Trattoria, owned by the father of the bride will take place at the New York restaurant.
“After much thinking about it, it has been decided that there no made dress with chops of meat or a priest will be traveling. It will be a traditional Italian wedding and she wants that reception is held in the restaurant of his father”, he added.
Gaga and Kinney pledged the last Valentine’s day and it is believed that they could pass through the altar at the end of this summer.