The Two Main Rules, When Looking For A New Hair Style

Finding the perfect hair style or the perfect hairstyle for the man is probably just as difficult as finding Indiana Jones after the Holy Grail or finding a woman after the perfect handbag. Both are certainly not impossible, but just difficult and so it is also with the hair style for men.

Because there are a multitude of challenges that need to be considered in the search. So each of us comes with a different hair structure, hair style, head shape and a multitude of additional features, which must be taken into consideration in the search for the right style.

Now one could, of course, take into account each one of these points, investigate and philosophize on how now which hair style suits one or not and above all why. But honestly, this would go a long way beyond the scope of this paper. Therefore, I would like to limit myself to two simple rules, which facilitates the search for a new style of hair, possibly even the perfect, a lot.

Rule #1: Be Objective!

One must be clearly recognized, because the male model, with a perfectly shaped chin, 10% body fat and bright blue eyes, from the XYZ advertising, can wear a certain hair style, that does not mean that you are , Here you should be honest with yourself and, above all, objectively, and ask yourself the question: Is it the hair style that makes it look so good or does it make the hair style look so good?

An important difference as I find. Here, one has to deal with oneself and find out what particular attributes you own and how you can match them with their own hair style. Certainly not quite easy, but an honest hairdresser who also criticizes your hairstyle practice, or alternative proposals is definitely a beginning.

For myself, it is for example that I have, in my opinion, very beautiful hair. Which is however with the hairdresser however rather than difficult proves. The reason for this is that it is very bristly, dense and therefore difficult to get into shape. Straight longer hair styles are therefore not suitable for me, respectively styles where the hair must be brought into a certain shape. Justthink about the Quiff , which is rather difficult with me.

Also the total opposite of the Quiff, the Buzz Cut-that is, the hair cut very short, can not be borne without problems without me. For this, however, the structure and texture of my hair is less important than my facial shape. Would simply not look good to me, as I had to find after a courageous attempt on my part, myself. Therefore, be objective and assess whether a particular hair style actually fits into one or not.

The honest opinion of a friend or your own partner certainly helps.Apart from that, there is a lot of inspiration for fashionable hairstyles for men on BEAUTYGENERATE. Worth a visit!

Rule #2: The Right Balance Is Important!

As already written at the beginning of the article, it is an advantage if you have a critical picture of yourself. I know, for example, that I have a very narrow, angular face, for this reason I have to make sure that I do not emphasize this with my hair style. So it depends on the right balance and how I let peculiarities of my face skilfully in my hairstyle or these emphasize.

As another example, why the right balance is important is the fact when you have big ears. Here, of course, you do not want to try to draw attention to these, but you want them to be hardly noticeable.What is more appropriate here than a cut, which is a little longer at the sides and cleverly hides the ears.

For example, if you have a big forehead, it is recommended to use a fringe or wavy/curly cut, rather than a buzz cut or slick back. You see, it is important that you pay attention to the right balance. But do not worry, even if you wear a hair style, which does not fit 1A, the hair grow again and you have at least tried something new.

Do you have interesting, helpful tips and tricks on how to find the perfect hair style? What do you pay attention to, or do you give your barber the responsibility?