The Trend Without Bra Bulge

Nothing like show what we’ve got to stay comfortable and natural still wipe out with delicacy and style. The BRA without bulge, darling of the lingeries years ago, returned with everything in recent times as a cool lingerie, romantic and powerful.

This trend inspired by the years 80 and 90 brings charm and sensuality for garment, because many of his pieces may be used with the Lacy bra showing. And no bra bulge even comes with the bonus of being light, fresh, comfortable and more practical to use and wash.

Who can use without bra bulge?

All women! With some care. Bra bulge-free templates and are most suitable for rimless women who dress in 38 to 44, are sufficient to support the breasts. From this number, sides, wide straps and the rim can be the solution. In addition, no bra bulge is highly recommended for women who have undergone silicone prosthesis.

But won’t show up each of my nipples?

The biggest fear of women in choosing Bras without bulge is that the nipples appear by the fabric. However, this is easily solved with lining and double layer models. Have bra without triangular bulge, lace, colored, stamped, embroidered, of all the way and each is more beautiful than the other.

Bras without pad are good for those who have breasts or not, for the practice of physical exercises, to show the delicacy and sensuality anywhere. Combine with races of cava, transparencies and wide necklines to let lace apparent and you’ll blow all naturalness and free movements at any time of the year.

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