The “Swiss Army Knife” of Jackets! Perfect for Travelers

This is a jacket that promises to be the Swiss Army knife of travelers. The BauBax jacket has 15 built-in functions, including a pillow, a mask, gloves and pockets for different things.

Now that the model is ready, the company launched a campaign on Kickstarter last Tuesday to raise $ 20,000 in order to launch the garment to the market this year.

They took six months to investigate jacket design, and to incorporate more functions. Come in a variety of basic colors and four different styles.

The jacket is designed with a variety of hidden features that promise to make any trips more comfortable, and that the person carrying it has to take nothing in his hand.

“My main motivation was to solve all the problems and frustrations that most of us face during the trip. We set out to solve all the problems of travelers. “

– Hiral Sanghavi, inventor of the Baubax.

Here we leave the 15 functions of this amazing jacket.

It has a hidden neck pad. It inflates in 2 seconds and deflates at the touch of a button.

An integrated cap mask.

Gloves, so you no longer have to stretch your sleeves when you’re cold.

Portaudífonos. So you will not ever snared more!

A blanket pocket, because you never know when you want to take a nap or picnicking. The Baubax blanket is available at an additional cost.

Pockets warm your hands (when integrated gloves are not sufficient).

A pocket for drinks. Keeps your hot, hot drinks; and your cold, cold drinks!

A pocket for iPad. The need to carry around but do not want to see you carrying her like a fool, right?

The zipper is a pen. So you do not have to steal them or order them.

Zipper is also a pen it’s also a stylus for the iPad in your pocket!

A pocket for Smartphone. And no … it’s not just a normal pocket. It has access to the compartment of the headphones.

A pocket for sunglasses. It protects without crushing.

Microfiber cloth to clean your sunglasses or iPad screen.

Pocket passport. Again: it is not just a normal pocket, it is the exact size of a passport. So you’ll know exactly where you are when you get to the airport.

Hiral Sanghavi jacket plans to sell between 89 and 120 dollars. Crowdfunding campaign ends on August 13. But the creator is committed to bringing consumers multifunctional jacket “not even reach our goal on Mensjacketsstore.”

“I want to have it ready for November travel season. Travel is the jacket that always needed, but never existed, “said Hiral Sanghavi, cofounder of BauBax, the manufacturer of the jacket”.