The Strangest Hats for Winter

The hats are the true protagonists of the winter and for the chilly, represent a requirement rather than a fashion accessory.

Last week I was looking for a new hat for the winter, I wanted something original and not a model any, banal and sad; then I turned on the computer and I have had a look at my favorite online shop ( but I never imagined to find so bizarre patterns.

  1. Forever21

Cute, sweet and cheap, model Forever21, only costs 7.45 euro, is witty and rejuvenates it so much, you’ll look perfect for teenagers.

  1. Principle

Strange is the adjective that comes to associate with hat Asos, which you can buy with 14,22 euro and pleasure to make you a beautiful tail high as to emerge out of your hat with hole;maybe the rain is not ideal but I think all you’ve been dreaming a hat as well.

  1. Urbancode

I like them both cats but do not want to look like the classic woman wearing the clothes of her daughter? So forget your hat Forever21 and point to what Urbancode purchased on Luisaviaroma; certainly the price goes up because it costs 52 Euros but you could always brag that your cat-hat has blue eyes.


True, hats with cats is now widespread, all sell them and do not know who buys them, but they are certainly not new, and you instead want to be amazing and then greet the kittens and welcome to your new friend, a cute Toucan ready to perch on your head; sure this model will cost 208 Euros but you can count on him when you’re down in the dumps, it can just wear it and everyone will laugh out loud when you will cross contagiandovi their laughter. The model is Francesco Ballestrazzi and can be purchased on Luisaviaroma.


Also on Luisaviaroma is on sale hat with bunny ears Vivetta, it costs 221 Euros, not a few, but at least we have to wear warranty for the next carnival.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana

But if you have the disposable income and a four-digit price will not scare even a hat, thenDolce & Gabbana has the model that suits you, in the hood version and studded for glittering crystals all winter to “only” 1950 euro. Do not despair at not knowing where to buy it, you find it on also in black version.