The Smartwatch Apple Launched Without Fanfare

The launch of the Apple Watch April 24 will be without fanfare, which could report first uncertainty about the importance of the application of this product created under the aegis of Tim Cook, the new boss of the brand to the Apple.

The launch of the Apple Watch April 24 will be in the discretion contrary to the habits of the Apple brand, which could signal first uncertainties on the extent of demand for the first product developed under the aegis of Tim Cook, the new boss of Apple.

The Group did not communicate on the volume of pre-orders before the launch on April 24, unlike what occurred when putting on the market of iPhones and iPads. Apple Stores will have no Apple Watch for sale on April 24, only a few stores of luxury in the world with Apple wanting to play on the scarcity to make them even more trend.

A Demand Exceeds Expectations

Apple is not certain that his watch arouses much enthusiasm and does tails in front of its stores similar to what had happened to the launches of iPhones, notes, however, Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst. “A launch more low profile allows them to see how things are going to turn, to better manage expectations and reduce the risk”, he added. “If they were taken as usual and tails were not on the date it would have been problem.”

Demand proved to be above expectations according to Munster, who thinks that more than two million watches will be sold during the second quarter. FBR Capital Markets analyst Daniel Ives has revised upward its sales forecast for the whole of the current year to 20 million units compared to 17 million earlier, partly on the basis of online orders. “A lot of clients will go to stores to try to buy a watch Friday”, he says.

Taking Orders Online

Apple said that some customers would have watches faster than promised. “Our team works to prepare orders as quickly as possible on the basis of what is available and the order in which they were received”, said the group in a statement April 22.

Apple chose simplicity by focusing on online orders, marketing of smartwatches is revealing complex logistically with no less than 38 different models to be implemented in the online shop Cancermatters and a range of prices from $ 349 for the Sport version to $ 10,000 for the model luxury, Apple Watch Gold Edition.