The Qlock Two – Stylish Clock Without Hands but with Text

Biegert & Funk have devised a new type of time display with the QLOCKTWO which not just as a clock is to recognize, but rather remembered a picture with modern typography in the first moment.

Only at second glance, one discovers that this is the rectangle with the glowing words a clock and displays the time of text in a record.

“It Is Half Past Twelve”

The colored surface with magnets attached – and is therefore interchangeable, is used as a template for the words of lighting in the room beyond broadcasting through the LED. By changing the front panel it is possible color to adjust the clock set up the rooms. There are for this 5 colors of polished synthetic glass and a brushed aluminum surface available. The QLOCKTWO can be converted just by switching the front panel in 13 languages. Thus, the time in English or German can be displayed. The majority of European languages is available, even Berndütsch as exotic is available.

After switching on, adjusts the clock to the current time and adapts to the ambient brightness of space in your lighting level. Gets to see whether wall hanging or in massive acrylic glass holders as a device, fascinates this watch everyone who for the first time.

Not for nothing Biegert & Funk have for the red dot design award and the International Forum design award won in 2010.