The Ophthalmologist Responds: How To Choose Sunglasses

Recently did a post with models of sunglasses and some doubts in the comments. The girls did not know if the cheaper models had protection, if we really need to overpay for the attachment and also which lens is most recommended. So I searched for an optometrist to shed some light.

Who answered our questions was Dr. Thiago Clivati De Marchi, ophthalmologist Ophthalmology Institute of Curitiba (IOC), here’s what he told me:

The use of sunglasses is necessary in the days of bright sunshine? Is there any risk of not using them?
Yes, the eye is a fragile body, like the skin, suffers damage caused by ultraviolet (UV)-this does not apply only to days of sunshine too strong or the summer, since the UVA and UVB also focus on cloudy days. Exposure to these rays affects all ocular structures, because it penetrates into different depths, causing ocular surface diseases as eyelid tumors, pterygium and keratitis. In addition, there are clinical evidence that cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can have the UV radiation as a cause.

How to choose a suitable lens for the sunglasses? Is there any specification that the client may need to look for?
It is necessary to check if the lens chosen already has protection from the harmful UV rays according to themeparktour. In General, there is a manufacturer’s seal that ensures UV protection lens. It is important to note that not only the sunglasses are for eye protection. The prescription glasses with clear lenses also can and should receive treatment with filters that block harmful UV rays.

What are polarized lenses?
The polarized lenses are the only ones that reduce glare and provide protection against ultraviolet rays without changing the color of the environment. The advantage of this type of lens is that it eliminates the discomfort of vision overshadowed, the image gets sharper and more natural blush.

What is the proper place to buy sunglasses? There is a risk in buying cheaper models sold in shops?
The most suitable are the optical, as offer customers quality products with guaranteed origin and most respected brands. In popular shops is more difficult to find these guarantees and easier to acquire a product without the necessary filter – which is very dangerous. Very dark glasses dilate the pupil, leaving it more exposed. If the attachment does not have the protective filter, your use will be hurting the eyes, not protecting. To check whether the solar glasses have a really effective protection, there is an outfit called UV Tester, which the Institute of Ophthalmology of Curitiba offers, which is able to assess if there is a filter in a glasses and if he is tough enough.

I got some tips from Shamir, manufacturer of lenses. Below are the ones I found most interesting:

Coloring/lens tint
For each use, the recommendation of lens color changes. That’s because the lens tint affects the amount of light that reaches your eyes. When evaluating your behavior, the optics will point which is more indicated. Brown and amber tones, for example, reduce the brightness and are good for driving and general use. Are indicated for myopic and hipermetropes. The Green decreases and increases contrast and clarity is ideal for people with more than 60 years, when it begins to decrease the contrast. The ashes are best suited for astigmatism because they reduce glare without distorting the colors.

Beware of very cheap glasses
Use a fake glasses is worse than not wearing any. This is because when a person wears sunglasses your pupil dilates because the eye understands that it’s in a dark place. The eye is exposed to radiation, accentuating the harmful effects of UV rays. To check the quality of the lens, place the glasses so that it reflects a flat surface (can be a window or curtain). If you don’t reflect straight lines, can be an indication of forgery.

To sum it all up. From what I understand has more in mind that has UV protection, Yes. But what we need to take care also, is if he has some distortion in the lens. If the thickness is not regular, it can end up distorting our vision.