The New Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE + Arrived Rapidly and Almost

The Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE + is the Successor of the Galaxy Note 3

Friends of the so-called Phablets, the Smartphones with a huge display, can look forward. With the Galaxy note 3 neo LTE + comes the insanely fast and slightly more compact successor of the successful Galaxy note 3 in this country on the market. With us, you can now pre-order this handsome Smartphone, because we have it soon at our online store! The Galaxy note 3 a 5.49 inches (13,94 cm – ““) has great Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixel neo LTE + – display and resolution are rated 3 so slightly slower than in the Galaxy. The Galaxy note 3 neo LTE + has following features: firstly, the Galaxy is 3 Note neo LTE + at the down and upload data rapidly. It supports LTE cat 4 for up to 150 MBit / s when the data download and up to 50 MBit / s for upload of data! On the other hand, it is powered by a Hexa-core processor, consisting of two cortex-A15 cores with 1.7 GHz and four cortex-A7 cores with 1.3 GHz. These are used depending on the load. Thanks to the dual structure, the Galaxy is 3 Note neo LTE + very economical and saves the 3,100 mAh powerful battery. The memory of the Galaxy note 3 neo LTE + is 2 GB, the internal memory can be expanded up to 64 GB with a microSD card.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy is particularly practical 3 Note neo LTE + for those looking for a Smartphone, they can work with and who hold the occasional note on the road sometimes or something sketch the Galaxy note 3 neo LTE + features namely like its predecessor a practical S-pen. With this PIN, you can on the Galaxy note 3 neo LTE + produce sketches and handwritten notes, and much more: In the “action memo” notes can be created with “Scrapbook” you can save parts of the screen as a snapshot in a binder or sort by time and place with the “S-Finder” notes and information.

Her finds the Galaxy note 3 neo LTE + class right? Then ordered with us before you! With us the Galaxy gets her note 3 neo LTE + with mobile financing – here you can even find you the amount of the monthly payments!