The Necktie Needle

It is not only “sometimes” but also the small subtleties that define us-they always are. They make the difference, which essentially leads to total impressions and defines us. At least in optics, it is entirely in our own hands to recognize and take them into consideration. Details and accessories are two sides of a medal.

However, the tension between men and accessories makes it difficult to maintain a masculine appearance. Ultimately, it is always a question of time and company that provides us with answers.Whereas centuries ago ruffled shirts, pointed shoes, and wigs that marked the gentlemen, could hardly be integrated into society today, without drawing their masculinity into ridicule. So be careful with the surface and jewelry pieces-but: The necktie needle is allowed. Basically at least.

History Of The Necktie

The origin of the necktie needle, which is not to be confused with the tie bar, lies in the Biedermeier period, specifically the advent of the so-called neck bandages. Their meaning was already pure use as a jewel-functionality was not the reason for its spread. About 1860 was the age of the plastron. This also meant a revival of the idea of ​​the necktie, and it became a fashion show for the people.

Still the needle did not have any real functionality-it was placed as an optical upgrade at the necktie button and provided with coats of arms, monograms or other elements. Only after the First World War did necktie needles enter the wardrobes with a discreet pearl. With eagles or also Hakenkreuz they were given by the then state and presented substantive awards. Only much later the tie-clip was invented, according to

The necktie needle remained its function as an optical surplus value and so its character is also to be understood: Well used it fulfills this purpose today in a discreet and pleasant way. It consists simply of a needle and a part, which is called an ornamental button.

Uses Of The Necktie

You stick it through the necktie knot and keep it together. This is the original meaning and purpose only as a hint, certainly would sit also without it correctly. But you can also use it as a tie bar. In doing so you just fix the tie halfway up the shirt. This is usually the case with ceremonial dressing with a plastron, a very special styling of a traditional kind.

Then only the head is visible from the necktie needle-in the case of the combination with a plastron it is typically a bead. It is clear, however, that this treatment is not an advantage for the textile – silk ties, for example, are always too sensitive for this procedure.Anyone who uses the needle should not operate it with any neckties, but only on stable materials.

Needle Neckties And Fashionable Top: A Contradiction?

The impression of time-honored and traditional products from past times can not be attributed to the good necktie needle of today, unless one specifically uses such antiquarian specimens. A look at the offers of the designers and the models of today convince of the added value in the presentation. Today, they are mostly available in stainless steel and metal in all color nuances, thus combining modernity with classicism in a convincing manner.

But even very specific messages can be transmitted with it: no matter what particular style it is to express-one will surely find something. Of course there is still demand for beaded or other traditionally designed necktie needles. The selection of today seems infinitely wide and basically everything is allowed. You have to use them only for the occasion.

You should therefore take appropriate time to check the selection with your own needs. Because there is so much room for individual preferences to create a wide variety of designs, so that one’s own taste can also decide. Exactly this makes the advantage of the modern necktie needle and distinguishes it from the design from the time when the exact specifications have been made. Below are three possibilities which can be used as a guide in the broad selection.

Application Of The Necktie Needle

The Classic Modern Appearance

Much classic is expressed with such models as either gold, silver, or metals such as stainless steel. Dark anthracite or current red gold, depending on the harmony of the watch and other jewelery, are never wrong. A tie-pin of this kind combines in a classic-modern style with gray suits and a pastel-colored shirt.

Anyone who appears completely formally, however, may even refuse to wear the needle. This also depends on the actual execution, only who is officially to “stylen” should generally omit any “more” and applies not only to necktie needles. But whoever comes into such living conditions knows the expected dresscode anyway.

The Playful Character

Just in the spring, the man is somewhat more allowed than usual. Reference to trend colors and models, which can only be estimated correctly in these weeks, is underlined by the use of accessories such as a necktie. It does not matter to the thing, on the necktie needle itself is in the trend. If the shirt is under a different detail to underline, one should opt for a necktie needle, which is somewhat more conspicuous.

However, you have to be careful. One has to think about models that express something-like a golden saxophone, a red-gold lion, whatever-the possibilities are as wide as the preferences of man.In any case, one draws attention to oneself and thus to the outerwear. How far you want to go is to be answered individually.The underlining of the “springy appearance” in any case has the ability to express elevated levels.

Enter The Message Space

More and more, it is inner convictions and priorities, which are also to be carried out to the outside but hardly salonable possibilities exist. Clear: Not all situations allow us, as in leisure time, to present content to the outside. Jewelery has always been an unobtrusive medium for certain messages, as the depiction of the marriage with the trauring, engagement rings, but also other connections are indicated by seals on rings.

There are also pendants for necklaces or bracelets, which offer initials space. The necktie pin is one of the few items that the man of today can use as a surface for personal messages: As already indicated, the beloved musical instrument in the mini replica of noble metals, a species of animal whose protection one supports, can be a sign or lettering With small statements-the imagination is no limits and you can offer with space its ideal space.

While the engraving of initials in jewelery is nothing more than a typical expression of individualism, a deeper inner meaning can also be achieved in the motif selection for the necktie needle. Especially for gentlemen it is difficult to present with style its expressiveness.Here is an adequate opportunity for every budget. In such cases, one’s own attachment to the good piece is also a higher one if one can combine something positive with its statement.

In summary, the necktie is one of the few accessories with a masculine basic structure. Since it can be classified as a piece of jewelry rather than a piece of clothing, one should consider it rather than textile accessories. This is more like a feminine impression. The purchase of a somewhat higher quality necktie is worth it, if you look at it as a detail for more demanding appearances. Even a rather boring outfit can be given an interesting note-provided that one proves in the selection style and uses its individual taste preferences.