The Most Popular Iphone

Today I bring some statistics. The theme: the most popular iPhone. For this I looked at our sales figures from September and October 2015 and expected a little. What color is best? Which memory size dominates?

Iphone: Around 37% Of All Mobile Phones Sold

More than a third of all phones sold via were iPhones. A total of 37 percent of the smartphones with or without a contract, which we brought to the man or woman in September and October, come from the house Apple. With the selection of manufacturers and the competition from Samsung, this is considerable. But what is the distribution among the individual iPhone models?

Kassenschlager Apple Iphone 6s 64 GB In Gray

Out of all the iPhones sold, the Apple iPhone 6s 64GB is the most popular iPhone, according to cellphoneexplorer. It accounts for about 14 percent of all sold Apple devices from (and therefore about 5 percent of all smartphones sold). All other iPhone 6 or 6s as well as older models lie clearly behind the gray 6s with 64 GB memory.

Comes Well: Iphone 6s In Rose Gold

At the keynote in September, Apple introduced the new color rose gold for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.Apple fans, of course, know them already: from the Apple Watch. The metallic pink is well received by our customers. Especially the Apple iPhone 6s 64 GB in rose gold is successfully accepted and frequently ordered. Overall, 4.6 percent of all iPhone sales go to the new 6s in shimmering rose gold.

Iphone 6 Plus And 6s Plus Too Big?

The Phablet versions of iPhone 6 and 6s can not be used against their brethren. Sales fell 1.7 percent for the gray iPhone 6s Plus 64 GB and 1.2 percent for the golden iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB. A possible explanation for this is that the iPhone is often too big for many prospective customers. It scores with the higher resolution in full-HD, the better battery life and a full 5.5 inches, on which it is wonderful to read and work.

Iphone 6s On The Victory: Conclusion

Freshly released, the iPhone 6s attracts many buyers. We observe this phenomenon every year when Apple introduces a new phone. Accordingly, our “Siegerehrung” is characterized by:

  1. Apple iPhone 6s 64GB in Gray(14.0%)
  2. Apple iPhone 6s 16GB in Gray(7.6%)
  3. Apple iPhone 6s 64 GB in Róse(4.6%)

This results in 26.2 percent of all iPhone sales. About a quarter fall on the gray iPhone 6s (all three memory sizes).

The various memory and color versions of the iPhone 6 have also sold well, especially considering that they have been on the market since 2014.